Phone Automations for Real Estate Investors

Smart real estate investors know they must automate parts of their business to win.

Don't worry.  If you're not using any automation, we've got you covered.

This week we'll be showing you 5 simple automations you can set up before you finish that cup of coffee.

Automation 1: One Phone, Two Numbers

So... you're using your personal phone number to run your real estate investment business?

STOP IT! Sorry for yelling but you need to get this fixed now. 🙂

It's not safe.  It's not professional.  It's not efficient.

Here's the good news --- if you're an REI BlackBook subscriber, you already have access to a business phone number.  You just need to take 5 minutes to set it up and forward it to your cell phone.

Watch this quick tutorial and get your business line set up right now:

Automation 2: 100X More Likely to Get a Seller on the Phone

Did you know that you are 100X more likely to get a seller on the phone if you follow up with them in 5 minutes or less?

Now I know you might be saying to yourself...

"Self, there is no way I can follow up with every lead in under 5 minutes! I just don't have the manpower"

And until now, that was a serious issue.

But, in this quick video, Josh is going to show you how to set up a very simple automated Call Flow in Profit Dial Pro, that will allow you to follow up with every single lead in under 2 minutes, dramatically increasing your chances (100X) of getting your seller leads on the phone.

Automation 3: Explode your Leads from Bandit Signs, Direct Mail and More

Getting a seller on the phone is tough.

Heck, getting your mom on the phone is tough these days.

Keyword text automation will allow you to reach sellers in the way they want to communicate in 2019 and beyond and will help dramatically increase your response rates from tradition marketing channels like direct mail and bandit signs.

Automation 4: How To Build A Profitable Ringless Voicemail Campaign That Generates Seller Leads On-Demand

Now that you have your business line setup, it's time to start sending some motivated seller calls your way.

Ringless Voicemail is the fastest way for a modern real estate investor to generate leads without spending a small fortune.

With most lead generation methods, there is a trade-off.

Facebook advertising can get leads fast, but it is costly.

Driving for Dollars is low-cost but it's very time intensive and doesn't generate a high-volume of leads.

This marketing strategy is an absolute game changer and is going to turn you into a lead generating machine heading into 2019.

With that said, let's get to work!

Automation 5: The Building Blocks of Profit Dial Pro

For the advanced user, the possibilities are limitless.  If you can draw it on a whiteboard, it can be automated.  This quick training will show you what's possible.