Flip more houses with the CRM built for Rehabbers

Quickly analyze your deals, build itemized rehab estimates, market your deals, and sell your properties for more.


Convert more of your leads into appointments and deals

Market your rehabber real estate directly to motivated sellers with confiedence. Use REI BlackBook's next-level automation and follow-up tools to convert more of your leads into appointments and deals.

  • Capture more seller leads online

    Build your online presence and get found online by motivated sellers searching for a solution to their problem.

  • Convert cold leads into deals with multi-channel follow-up

    Automatically follow up with non-responsive leads via text message, email, and ringless voicemail and start booking more appointments today

  • Track the source of your inbound calls

    Never ask "Where did you hear about us" again. Use call tracking numbers to automatically track the source of your best seller leads so you can double down on what's working

  • Better lead management

    Keep track of your most important client details so you can pick up where you left off. See the full contact history with our unified activity log.


Deal Analysis

Quickly analyze your deals and build itemized rehab estimates in minutes

  • Create itemized rehab estimates on the fly

    Quickly and accurately estimate your rehab expense so you can analyze deals and make faster offers.

  • Run comps and quickly analyze your deals

    Pull comps, run the numbers, and create detailed reports that you can present to buyers and lenders to help sell your deals and raise capital.

  • Manage your pipeline

    Manage your deals through each stage of the sales cycle.

  • Store unlimited documents and photos

    Store contracts, inspection reports, analysis reports, photos, and more for each property. It's like having a virtual file folder for each deal.


Property Marketing

Sell your rehabs faster, for higher profits, with less effort

All the tools you need to market and sell your rehabs in one platform.

  • Sell your properties directly from your website

    Create a property listing, add your photos, video tour, description and publish it to your website with the click of a button.

  • Build a wait list of buyers

    Build a waiting list of potential buyers who love your style and can't wait to buy your next rehab.

  • Notify potential buyers via text and email blast

    Update your waiting list on the progress of active rehabs and newly listed properties to build awareness for your inventory in advance.

  • Build a realtor referral program

    Network with realtors in your area so they can bring their buyers to your properties as they become available.


Loved by Investors Across the Country


"I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a whole lot easier."

Matt Theriault

Epic Real Estate | Las Vegas, NV

"Over 60% of our deals come from following up. REI BlackBook is our competitive advantage and helps us close deals that we otherwise would have lost."

Andy Werner

Oak Street Properties | Phoenix, AZ

REI BlackBook makes me look like a superstar. About 5 hours combined time spent on 2 wholesale assignments resulting in 2 $10,000 checks. REI BlackBook has changed the game!

Margie Cromwell

Cleveland, OH

"I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I just had to push it up the hill a bit. If your goal is to do multiple deals over...and over...and over again and have a system, move forward and pull the trigger with REI BlackBook.

Able Pacheco

5 Talents Wealth, Inc. | San Antonio, TX

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  • andy-wright

    Without REI BlackBook we would not have gotten as far as we have as fast as we have. It is an invaluable swiss army knife for our business.

    Andy Wright
    Mountain Shamrock Properties