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  • Real Estate Investor CRM

    Keet track of your most important leads with the CRM built for real estate investors.

  • Lead Capture Websites

    Get found online when your prospects are searching for solutions in your market and convert your site visitors into leads.

  • Business Phone System

    Track the source of your best leads and engage your prospects and leads with high-touch 2-way text messaging.

  • Lead Follow-Up & Marketing Automation

    Close 2X-3X the number of deals from your existing traffic and leads by using our pre-built follow-up campaigns that can be set up in minutes using our visual workflow builder.

  • Property Pipeline

    Manage your deals from new leads all the way to the closing table. Keep important documents, contracts, pictures, and more all in one place. Access your deals from any computer, anywhere.

  • Property Marketing & Disposition Tools

    Publish your deals to your Property Marketing website with the click of a button. Use built-in email and text blasts to notify your buyer's list and sell your deals fast, with less effort.

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Matt Theriault

Epic Real Estate | Las Vegas, NV

"I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a whole lot easier."

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Vena Jones-Cox

The Real Estate Goddess

"REI BlackBook is the system I trust to run my business. I hate to think about how much money I left on the table before using it."

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Marcy Martinez

Freedom Heights Investments

"REI BlackBook automation is always working for me. I love the automated follow-up and getting texts from sellers out of nowhere."

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