The CRM Built For Real Estate Investors

Keep track of your most important leads whether you're at the office or out in the field

Are you sending your leads into a leaky sales bucket?

REI BlackBook's CRM is built to work with your front end marketing and sales tools so no leads will fall through the cracks ever again.


Build better relationships with your contacts

No more digging through note pads, spreadsheets, and clunky CRMs. Manage your contacts all in one platform.

Automatically update contact information, add detailed notes, and view the entire history of a lead right from their contact record

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Automatically create contacts records from inbound calls and website leads

No need to deal with messy integrations that leave you frustrated. Our CRM directly integrates with your website and phone system so every time you generate a new lead, a contact record is automatically created and the lead is tracked in your CRM.

Thousands of real estate investors use REI BlackBook to accelerate their growth

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Advanced tagging and contact segmentation

Need to know how many leads you generated in the last 7 days? Maybe you want to pull a list of all your cash buyers that buy in a specific zip code.

REI BlackBook’s powerful search tool helps you find any type of clients by tag, custom field, the date they were added, and more.

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Organize your leads and keep your data clean

Personalize your CRM to meet the specific needs of your business. Add an unlimited number of custom fields and create contact tabs to keep your data organized across multiple contact and lead types.

Create contact tabs for probate, foreclosure, tax delinquencies, cash buyers, private lenders and more.

Link properties and assign tasks to your team

Link the deals in your property pipeline to the seller, buyer, lender, and any other contact involved in the deal. Assign tasks to your team to follow up with leads, book appointments, make offers, market your deals, and more.


"I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a whole lot easier."

Matt Theriault

Epic Real Estate | Las Vegas, NV

"Over 60% of our deals come from following up. REI BlackBook is our competitive advantage and helps us close deals that we otherwise would have lost."

Andy Werner

Oak Street Properties | Phoenix, AZ

REI BlackBook makes me look like a superstar. About 5 hours combined time spent on 2 wholesale assignments resulting in 2 $10,000 checks. REI BlackBook has changed the game!

Margie Cromwell

Cleveland, OH

"I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I just had to push it up the hill a bit. If your goal is to do multiple deals over...and over...and over again and have a system, move forward and pull the trigger with REI BlackBook.

Able Pacheco

5 Talents Wealth, Inc. | San Antonio, TX

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  • andy-wright

    Without REI BlackBook we would not have gotten as far as we have as fast as we have. It is an invaluable swiss army knife for our business.

    Andy Wright
    Mountain Shamrock Properties