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We’re more than just great software

We’re a dedicated team on a mission to help you build a better business through software, systems, education, and community


Our founding story...

Our mission is to make marketing and sales the easiest part of running your real estate investing business.

We built REI BlackBook to combat the multiple system chaos and tech overwhelm that plagues the real estate investing industry.

Our story starts in 2008, during the mortgage meltdown. Damon Remy, our Founder & CEO was running a mortgage business and built a few software tools to help their investor clients buy more properties.

The idea was simple, give the tools away, help them buy more houses, so they would come back and need more loans.

When the bubble burst and those investors were no longer buying deals, the mortgage business all but went under.

Damon took a look at the tools he had built, and asked himself "Would investors actually pay for these tools?"

Turns out the answer was a resounding YES.

Since then, we've helped thousands of real estate investors grow their businesses powered by the best tools, training, and team in the industry.

Today we're a team of 25+ based in St. Louis, MO supporting and teaching real estate investors across the country how to build predictable marketing and sales systems for growth.


Meet the team behind the scenes

Learn a little about the people behind the scenes at REI BlackBook and what it’s like to work here.

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The values we live by

01 People before profits

02 Dedicated to growth

03 Selfless team player

04 Open and Honest Communication

05 Lean Into Failure

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We’re a thriving community of investors, marketers,
and sales professionals

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Twice a year we bring our users together for our Semi-Annual user event called REI Bootcamp where you can learn from top REI BlackBook users about how they use our tools to grow their business.

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  • andy-wright

    Without REI BlackBook we would not have gotten as far as we have as fast as we have. It is an invaluable swiss army knife for our business.

    Andy Wright
    Mountain Shamrock Properties