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Posts by Russ Henneberry

5 Phone Automations Every Smart Real Estate Investor Should Set Up

Smart real estate investors know they must automate parts of their business to win. Don’t worry.  If you’re not using any automation, we’ve got you covered. This week we’ll be showing you 5 simple automations you can set up before you finish that cup of coffee. Automation 1: One Phone, Two Numbers So… you’re using…

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[CHOOSE WISELY] Two Polar-Opposite Types of Real Estate Investor Marketing

Here’s the problem: The word ‘marketing’ is a big word.  I mean massive.  The term encompasses dang near half of the activities you could undertake as a business owner.  Everything from hammering bandit signs in the ground to designing a new slogan or tagline is marketing. You need to get clear on the TYPE of marketing…

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