3 Must-Have Landlord Tools

Landlord tools to help manage your properties.

Use these simple landlord tools and never worry about vacant properties again.

Whether you are just starting your career as a landlord or you have decades of experience in owning and renting properties, there is no denying that being a successful landlord begins with the properties you own. 

Maximizing your potential as a landlord and keeping your properties occupied with renters you choose is as simple as choosing the right tools to help you succeed. Carpenters earn their living with a hammer, saw, and nails. Painters would go broke without their brush, bucket of paint, and tarp. And landlords get to choose who they want in their dwellings by utilizing helpful landlord tools, such as the ones offered at REI Blackbook

3 must-have tools for any successful landlord include:

1. Property Marketing

If renters don’t know about your property, then it doesn’t exist! Successful property owners create a marketing system that keeps their pipeline of possible tenants full of qualified applicants waving a check with first and last month’s rent.

In today’s digital age, the internet is a gift from the heavens above for landlords looking to reach as many potential tenants as possible. Listing properties in the classified ads is now the equivalent of rubbing two sticks together when your competitor is swinging around a flamethrower.

Harnessing the power of the internet to publish property listings has unmatched benefits, some of which include:

·        Reaching a wider audience – Connect with potential tenants on a local, national, or even international level.

·        Reach a smaller audience – Wait?! What?! You can also connect with an audience down to specific neighborhoods if that’s your target market.

·        More cost-effective – Traditional methods like tv, radio, and print ads definitely work; however, they are more expensive and are less likely to reach as many people in your target market as an online listing.

So, where exactly do you publish your listings? Glad you asked!

If you want to control the process of finding and qualifying potential tenants, it is crucial that you have your own website that displays your listings with your chosen photos, descriptions, and videos.

Your website is the modern version of placing a “For Rent” sign outside your property, but you can place it almost anywhere you want online. 

Here at REI Blackbook, we are excited to offer a suite of property marketing landlord tools that will work to build demand for your inventory and capture more rental applicants than ever before. You can use our software to publish outstanding property listings, market your available inventory to a more extensive customer base, and capture and organize rental applications with ease.

2. Online Rental Applications

Once you have published listings in a way that captures the attention of as many prospective tenants as possible, it’s important to manage your online rental applications in an organized and efficient manner. 

Our landlord tools will allow you to build your own application with ease, so you can collect the information from prospective tenants that you find particularly relevant to your own properties and needs. You can also trigger actions and campaigns based on the response to specific questions on your application. In other words, customizing your rental application has never been easier! 

Once you have created and published an idea rental application, our landlord tools will allow you to get automated notifications anytime you receive a new application so that none go unnoticed or slip through the cracks amidst your busy schedule. With this feature, you can route new applicants to yourself or to the correct member of your team as needed.

Finally, stay organized by easily attaching important or necessary documents to any property or contact record, including contracts, lease agreements, photos, and more, to ensure that everything you need is organized in one place. 

3. New Listing Notifications

Last but not least, utilizing landlord tools can help you build demand for your inventory in advance using new listing notifications. 

With this tool, you can:

Build a Waitlist of Rental Applicants

Create a waiting list segmented by rental preference based on location, property type, size, etc.

Send New Listing Notifications 

Notify potential clients of new listings via email or text message to streamline the communication process and maximize your results

2-Way Text Message Communication

Respond to inbound listing requests and schedule showings via text message to maximize productivity

Here at REI Blackbook, we offer numerous landlord tools that aim to streamline communication, maximize efficiency, and increase results. To learn more about the landlord tools and other services we offer or to get started with a free trial, click here!

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