Creative Financing: Real Estate Investors’ Secret Weapon in 2021 and Beyond


Even in these uncertain times, the real estate market is booming. But what if I told you that the most valuable resource for real estate investors isn't their cash or their credit? It's creativity! That's right, creativity can lead to some of the best deals on investment properties that are out there today. With so many different financing options available, (like seller financing or lease options, or “subject to” to name a few,) it can seem like an uphill battle at times to find one that fits your needs (or your seller’s needs,) – but don't worry, we've got you covered! In this interview, we explore some of the strategies in creative financing, real estate investing expert trainer Matt Theriault (host of the Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast) uses…and why you should be using them too.

In this interview, we cover:

  • different types of terms you should be aware of
  • how to introduce the conversation of making a creative offer to a seller
  • why you should never lead with a creative offer
  • the 3 Offer Letter of Intent and the Multi Offer Generator – powerful tools to convert your leads into deals
  • where to find deals in today’s competitive offer
  • how Matt's turning more of his leads into deals with creative financing

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What is Creative Financing?

in this article, defines creative financing as:

“Creative financing refers to unique methods and strategies for securing funds and capital to purchase real-estate investments. Traditional financing options are normally provided by financial institutions, banks and mortgage lenders. With creative financing, an investor can access funding in a variety of creative ways.”

Resources Mentioned in this Interview:

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If you want to creatively finance your real estate investments, from finding the right opportunities to negotiating the right terms to structuring the paperwork to organizing the close to collecting your profits; register for the Lease Options Master Class to learn what Matt Theriault and his “rockstar students” are doing for their real estate portfolios, orchestrated to apply to yours immediately.

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