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Have you ever wondered how you can convert more leads to deals through your real estate investor marketing? 

When it comes to real estate investing, the best way to increase your conversions and scale your business is to leverage marketing automation so you can spend more of your time doing the things that make you money (I.E. closing more deals). 

Inside REI BlackBook there are many different ways you can easily incorporate automation into your business.

One of the ways is through callflows.

A callflow is a sequence of automated actions that occur after someone calls your business number.

Definition of a callflow which can be used in your real estate investor marketing
A callflow is one of the automation features inside REI BlackBook.

In this article we're going to talk about the importance of building an automated callflow for all of your inbound leads.

We did cover this topic in a video on our YouTube channel.

You can check that out below. Everything we will cover in this video will also be covered in this video.

Watch this video to learn how to leverage automation to increase conversions and boost sales.

If you were to step back and think about what you want to happen when somebody calls into your business, as a real estate investor, really what your goal is, is to send out marketing to get people to call into your business.

Whether that marketing is direct mail, you're buying billboard ads in your market, you're doing pay-per-click ads, or you're buying radio ads, whatever it is, you want people to call into your business.

And you need to be able to make sure that, number one, you're capturing all of those calls as they're coming in, whether you answered the call or not. Now the goal is to be able to answer all of your inbound calls live. 

If you're not able to answer all of your inbound calls, can you forward that call to a call answering service, or maybe can you forward that call to somebody else on your team. 

So all of those little actions that you'd want to happen when somebody calls in can be built into what we call an automated callflow.

Do You Use Your Personal Cell Phone In Your Real Estate Investor Marketing? 

Now let's talk about what most investors do when they first get started. And there's nothing wrong with this, especially if you don't have any existing systems in place. 

Now, when you're first getting started, what most investors will do is they'll go and they'll put their cell phone number on all of their marketing pieces. 

A lot of investors will put their cell phone number on their direct mail pieces. They'll put their cell phone number on their website, or maybe you go and you get a Google Voice number. And a Google Voice number at least masks your cell phone number, so people don't have your actual personal cell number.

The problem with doing this, especially if you're just using your phone number on any marketing is threefold. 

The first problem is, you don't know who's calling. 

So you don't know if it's a business call, or if it's just a friend or relative, or maybe your spouse calling from a work phone and you don't recognize the number. I don't know about you, but I don't answer a whole lot of calls these days if I don't know who it is, because usually it's somebody calling trying to market or sell something, right? So I'm usually not answering a call if I don't know who it is.

So if you were to use a system like the phone system that we have in REI BlackBook, or Google Voice, at least you know that it's a business call and you know how to answer it. You know that you need to answer it as a business call. 

Now, the second problem with putting your cell phone on all of your marketing pieces is that it's really hard to pull yourself out of that role of the business. 

If one day you don't want to have to be there, having your phone on your hip at all times, ready to answer it, no matter what time of day it is, if you want to outsource that to a call answering service like PATLive, or get a virtual assistant involved, it's virtually impossible to do because your cell phone number is the one that they're calling and you can't route calls to somebody else if they're calling your cell phone directly.

The third problem is you aren’t able to track which marketing source your leads are coming from. 

As a real estate investor it’s crucial to know where your leads are coming from.

Knowing this data will save you not only time, but money as well. 

You will be able to focus your energy on the marketing strategy that is producing the best leads.

And there’s a very simple way to figure this data out.

Using a call tracking system in your real estate investing business is the easiest way for you to pinpoint where your best leads are coming from. 

So what we do inside of REI BlackBook is we have a phone system that's called Profit Dial. And in Profit Dial, you can get different call tracking phone numbers.

Picture depicting how you can have multiple phone numbers inside your REI BlackBook account to track different lead sources in your real estate investor marketing
REI BlackBook allows you to have multiple phone numbers to track your different marketing sources while still filtering all your leads into one CRM.

What this allows you to do is to have multiple phone numbers that all have the same call experience. And what I mean by that is when somebody calls into your business, what do you want to happen first, second, third, fourth. 

So just think through this and take technology completely out of it, take software completely out of it, just what would you like to happen in your business, let's just say if somebody gets a direct mail piece from you?

As an example  a good experience would be if somebody gets a direct mail piece they see that there's a phone number in there, they call that phone number and they're immediately able to talk to somebody.

Now, maybe you say, Hey, you know what? I don't want that call to go to somebody because I send out so much mail, I only want to talk to people that listen to a pre recorded message and leave their property address as a voicemail. That's an option too.

Voicemail module of the callflow builder that can be used in a callflow inside your REI BlackBook account.
A voicemail can be set up and used in a callflow if you aren't able to answer the call live.

That's what I'm talking about when I say what do you want that experience to be, both for you and the seller that's calling into your business?  

Think about that. And once you have jot it down on a piece of paper. 

So a call comes into your business and let's just say that you want the call to be answered. 

Wouldn't it be nice to know where that call came from? 

Did the call come from a postcard? Or did it come from a letter? Did it come from a billboard, or did it come from a radio ad, or maybe the phone number on your website? 

Knowing which marketing source the leads are coming from allows you to go back and look through your historical calls to see where your best leads are coming from. 

So jot that down on a piece of paper that you’d like somebody to be able to answer the call live. If you want the call tracked so you know where it came from, or maybe what list it came from, write that down as well. 

Again, go through this process and say, what do I want to happen when somebody calls in and write it down on a piece of paper. 

In this example right now we're saying we want somebody to answer the phone. Maybe it's you, maybe it's somebody on your team, maybe it's a call answering service, you can figure that out later. The fact of the matter is you want somebody to answer that call live. 

Now what happens if the call isn't answered? 

That happens a lot. Maybe you're on the other line, maybe you're busy, maybe they call after hours.

Wouldn't it be nice if somebody on your team was notified, or if you’re a one person operation, wouldn't it be nice if you were notified? 

How about if the person who is calling in got a text message right away that said “Hey, we're so sorry that we missed your call, but I just want to let you know that we'll be following up with you here shortly, please be expecting a call from us in the next couple hours.”

Or maybe they get a text message that just says, “Hey, so sorry, I missed your call, if this is about a property that you have for sale, please reply with the address.”

Text message module used in a callflow in your real estate investor marketing
A can message can be used in a callflow to respond back to a lead if they call in and the call can't be answered live.

Why would that be nice? 

Well, now you've got their phone number, if they reply, you've got their address.

You can do a lot with those two pieces of information. 

You can go research the property. You can see if it's even in an area that you buy in, you can see if it's even remotely close to being a deal. So you can decide if you want to pursue it or not. 

If they don't respond, now at least you have their property address and their phone number, so you can put them on a follow-up campaign. 

Maybe you can continue to send them direct mail. Maybe you can continue to send them text messages and ringless voicemails. 

Again this is just an example, but if you wanted to send a text message to the person calling in jot that down as the next step on your paper. 

So you could say, if somebody doesn't answer, then I want this to happen. I want somebody on my team to be notified, and I want them to get a text message, meaning the person that called in, the seller, just to let them know that we got their call and we're going to be following up.

Then whoever received the notification would call the seller back. 

Thinking through the process of what you want to happen when someone calls your business number is the hard part. 

Building the automation out in your REI BlackBook account, if you’re an REI BlackBook user, or whatever automation platform you’re using is the easier part. 

So once you the process written down on a piece of paper go into the software of your choice and build out this process.  

If you’re an REI BlackBook user you’re going to build out a callflow. And again, a call flow is just a set of actions that you want to happen every single time somebody calls in to a specific phone number. 

To see exactly how to build out a callflow in your REI BlackBook make sure you watch the replay of the live training Josh did on Monday. 

During the training he walked attendees through the process step by step. 

The secret is out now…

Leveraging automation in your real estate investor marketing is how you’re going to increase your conversions and scale your business. 

Automation, like the type discussed in this post, is going to ensure no lead ever falls through the cracks, and each lead receives a great experience when calling into your business. 

And if you don’t have software to help you implement this automation in your business book a demo with a member of our team today. 

We can answer some questions for you and see if REI BlackBook is a good fit for you so you can streamline and scale your real estate investment business.

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