REI BlackBook Call Flows: A Beginner Guide


Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your best seller leads are coming from?

Let’s say you’ve got 4 different marketing channels and you’re spending a total of $7,500 a month on marketing.

  • Direct Mail (Sending to 3 different lists) – $3,000/mo
  • Radio Ads – $1,500/mo
  • Google Ads – $2,500
  • Bandit Signs – $500

From the 4 marketing channels mentioned above, you’re generating X amount of leads every month.

The reality is, not all leads are created equal, and some leads are more expensive to generate.

Now let’s say out of your $7,500 marketing spend, you’re closing 5 deals per month, and every quarter you take a look at your marketing budget to see if you need to adjust anything.

Out of the 15 deals you close every quarter, wouldn’t it be nice to look back and see what marketing channels were responsible for those deals?

More specifically, what marketing channel yielded the best deals, with the biggest spreads?

Without some type of lead tracking in place, this would be virtually impossible.

This is where REI BlackBook Callflows will save the day.

What is an REI BlackBook Callflow?

Similar to REI BlackBook Workflows, a Callflow is a pre-built sequence of events you want to occur after someone calls into your business.

The biggest difference between a Callflow and a Workflow is that a Callflow is initiated from an inbound phone call, and Workflows are typically initiated from a web form lead, or inbound keyword text message. (Workflows can also be manually triggered).

You can assign a unique Callflow to any phone number inside REI BlackBook’s phone system, which is called Profit Dial.

How to track your inbound seller calls with REI BlackBook.

Most investors have many different phone numbers to track the leads that come from their different marketing channels. 

Let’s think back to the different marketing channels that were mentioned at the top of this post:

  • Direct Mail (3 different lists)
  • Radio Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bandit Signs 

In this example, you would want a minimum of 6 different phone numbers to track the success of your marketing.

  • 3 phone numbers for your Direct Mail (1 for each list)
  • 1 phone number for Radio Ads
  • 1 phone number for Google Ads
  • 1 phone number for Bandit Signs

You could get even more granular with your tracking and get different phone numbers for the different keywords that you’re tracking on Google Ads, or different phone numbers or extensions to track the different locations of your Bandit Signs.

The point is, you want to know where your leads are coming from, and Profit Dial phone numbers and Callflows allow you to do that.

So How Do REI BlackBook Callflows Work?

Again, the actual “how-to” is very similar to the Workflow Builder.

You will notice a few different elements in the Callflow Builder that you won’t see in the Workflow Builder.

Build custom experiences for your inbound seller leads with the REI BlackBook Callflow Builder.

The first thing to consider when creating your first Callflow is determining whether or not you will be answering the calls live, or sending them to a pre-recorded message.

You can also forward your calls directly to a call center or live answering service as well.

NOTE: If you are interested in using a call answering service, REI BlackBook members get a special discount for PatLive if you use this link.

In the video below, you will learn how to build a very simple, yet powerful, Callflow that will allow you to answer inbound seller calls, track them back to their source, and automatically capture each call as a lead.

Oh, and don't forget, every call made to a Profit Dial phone number can be recorded so you can go back and reference the call later.

This can help with coaching new hires, as well as ensuring the quality of your call center if you're outsourcing to a call answering service.

With that said, this video will show you how easy it is to set up your first Callflow with REI BlackBook.

How to build your first REI BlackBook Callflow.

Once you set up your first Callflow, it's easy to replicate this process for all of your marketing channels.

Remember, you want to make sure you have a unique phone number for each marketing channel, so you can track your leads, and see where your best leads are coming from.

Want to learn more about REI BlackBook Callflows, Workflows, and how to close more deals without spending more money on marketing?

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