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The Seller Acquisition Workflow Map

On this FREE On-Demand training, we're revealing a brand new resource called The Seller Aquisition Workflow Map that you can use to build a predictable system for generating, nurturing, and converting seller leads into deals. Get this right, and you'll have a marketing machine that will supply your business with fresh seller leads every single month.

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On this free on-demand training you will learn...

How to plug your leaky sales bucket so you can build a predictable system for capturing, nurturing, and converting your leads into deals.

The 3 fundamental lead capture processes that every investor should implement in their business.

The follow-up sequence that is proven to turn your cold, dead leads into smoking, hot deals.

BONUS: Your copy of the real estate investors "treasure map". The Seller Acquisition Workflow Map is the framework that top investors build their business on. Get your hands on this new resource during the FREE Training.

Your Host: Josh Arras

Josh is the Director of Marketing at REI BlackBook. He's spent the last 5 years helping real estate investors build predictable marketing systems in their business by leveraging the power of REI BlackBook and Marketing Automation.

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