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Have you ever wondered how to get your real estate investor website ranked on the first page of Google search results? It all starts with a solid link building strategy.

And when it comes to building high quality links, there's nobody we trust more than Dan Barrett of Adwords Nerds.

Dan was a guest expert trainer at a past REI Bootcamp and boy, did he bring the goods!

Dan's company is the largest Google partner agency dedicated entirely to real estate investors and they are specifically focused on generating motivated seller leads.

Google has ranked them in the 95th percentile of all ad agencies and they manage over $5 million a year in ad spend working with hundreds of investors both big and small.

In addition to the work they do with PPC (Pay Per Click) ads, they have over 10 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) helping investors like you improve their web pages ranking factors through link building.

What is it that makes earning links pointing to your website so powerful?

There is a direct correlation between the number of inbound links back to your website and the amount of traffic you get from Google.

In fact, this study by Moz found that 99.2% of all websites in the top 50 Google search results for anything have at least one link back to their site.

Hopefully by now, we've impressed upon you the importance of a link building campaign…

There are several factors that make a good link building strategy difficult for real estate investors.

Factor #1 is referred to as the “Red Queen Effect”.

The red queen effect is one factor that makes link building difficult for real estate investors.

This is derived from the classic story of Alice in Wonderland and has to do with the need to adapt quickly in order to just keep up with your competition and survive.

How does this apply in real estate investing?

Let's consider a typical scenario:

You optimize your website and start getting more leads.

Having recognized the advantage, your competition decides to optimize their site in return, thereby once again leveling the playing field.

Then maybe you decide to start a YouTube channel to promote your investing business and gain an edge in your market.

Your competitor sees once again that what you're doing is working and decides to implement the same strategy.

Are you beginning to understand why it's difficult to get ahead of your competition for long?

That brings me to the most crucial point of this lesson:

The only advantages that last in real estate SEO are those that are difficult to replicate.

The 2nd factor that makes link building difficult for real estate investors is that it's not only about the quantity of links, but the quality of links to your site.

Google is not dumb.

When it comes to a link building strategy, Google knows the different between the quality of the links from high authority websites vs small sites.

It's not as simple as going out and building a ton of links to generate referral traffic.

WHERE those links are coming from matters tremendously.

A link from an authoritative website like or is going to carry far more weight than a link from a site like

The higher the authority or relevancy of the website that links to your site, the more valuable that link is to your business.

And the 3rd factor is that nobody really WANTS to link to real estate investors.

It's very hard to get legitimate link sources for investors, which has pushed a lot of folks in the industry to very low quality options.

The bar is set pretty low in the real estate investing space.

There's good news in this though:

If you can do better than “pretty bad”, you're going to be an absolute star.

Now let's get into Dan's link building tactics.

This week on our YouTube channel, we're sharing an actionable clip from Dan's training breaking down his 5 step process for getting high quality and good links to your site.

(Jump to 2:09 to get straight into the goods.)

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