3 FREE Real Estate Marketing Strategies You Can Use Right Now


Do you know you need to be implementing real estate marketing strategies in your business but have no budget to do it? Or are your marketing efforts falling flat because you're not following up consistently with the leads you already have?

When it comes to real estate businesses, many investors fall short in one of two areas:

  1. Either they're a one-man show or a small team trying to keep the budget as lean as possible and don't know how to reach new buyers or sellers in a budget friendly way
  2. They're not following up with the contacts they already have consistently enough (or simply don't know what to say to them) to convert those leads into deals

In this article, we're going to be borrowing from the expertise of sought after trainer and host of The Epic Real Estate Investing Podcast, Matt Theriault.

Matt is a frequent guest trainer at our REI Bootcamp events where we take you from chaos to clarity in your business and in 3 days, help you transform it into a predictable selling machine that works with or without you.

At one of our recent Bootcamps, he shared 3 of his very best FREE real estate marketing ideas that his former student Josh Miller used to retire from his 6 figure salaried job 6 months after working with Matt.

These strategies are SO SIMPLE to implement and have been proven to have a positive long term impact in the businesses of those who put them into practice.

You can watch this video to hear about these strategies straight from Matt himself or read the rest of this post depending on your preferred learning style.

You can put all 3 of these strategies into practice immediately and they will cost you next to or nothing at all.

And they are especially effective in reviving old leads who have already said “no” to you in the past.

That means you're not having to go out and spend money to generate NEW leads, but are instead closing deals from the leads you already have.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let's do it.

Marketing Strategy #1: The Epic Email Signature

The first thing you can do is leverage your email signature to give your prospects more information about how you can help them and include a call to action in any email marketing you're already doing.

It's easy to create custom email templates inside of REI Blackbook.

We suggest that you create a template and name it something like “Email Signature” that you can use for any of your outgoing emails you send manually or any of your content marketing automation.

The exact copy that Matt uses in his email signature to drive more deals is as follows:



P.S. Whenever you're ready… here are 3 ways I can help you with what troubles you most.

1. Net you TOP dollar for a property you need to sell fast. My favorite thing to do is help property owners out of tight situations by presenting them with an array of custom solutions that will give them peace of mind. Pretty houses, ugly houses, and everything in between! Reply to this message and put “Seller Solution” in the subject line for a fast and easy solution.

2. Help you BEAT Wall Street's returns with less risk. Reply to this message and put “Bigger Returns” in the subject line… tell me a little about the current state of your investments and what you'd like to see, and I'll get you all the details.  

3. Find DISCOUNTED real estate for your investment portfolio. Because of the amount of people I talk to on a daily basis, discounted real estate falls into my lap seemingly every day. If you'd like to get first notification of the hot deals that come my way, reply to this message and put “Hot Deals” in the subject line, tell me a little about what you're looking for and when it crosses my desk, I'll be certain to be in touch.

Also… any question about real estate is welcome. If I know the answer or have a good resource, I'd be happy to share it with you. 

Tailor your real estate marketing with REI Blackbook's custom email templates.
Create custom email templates inside REI Blackbook

Once you've created this template, it's easy to clone to for future use.

Simply clone the template and customize the email body copy to fit your needs.

Easily clone custom email templates in REI Blackbook for your real estate marketing needs.
Easily clone custom email templates in REI Blackbook

NOTE*** This is not the strategy that's going to blow open your business tomorrow, but it can create some pleasant surprises in the way of unexpected deal opportunities or relationships with private money lenders etc you would not otherwise have discovered without giving people one more opportunity to do business with you with this email signature.

Marketing Strategy #2: The E.P.I.C. Message

First of all, let's break down what the E.P.I.C. message consists of:

E – It's worded in such a way that it EXPECTS a reply


I – It's in INTEGRITY (meaning you don't put anything in your message you're not willing to back up/make good on)


Examples of E.P.I.C. messages include:

• I just came across your name. Are you still accepting cash offers for your house?

My assistant is about to mail out a cash offer to you and I wanted to confirm your property is for sale…Is it still?

We're sending a cash offer to you today and want to make sure it gets to the right person…Is 321 Jones St still your mailing address?

Each of these examples is personal in of that it suggests that you've spoken with this person before.

They're phrased in ways that are difficult to ignore. (If you ask a person if they are still accepting cash offers for their house, they're not likely to blow you off.)

They're in integrity. If a person answers and says that yes, they're still accepting cash offers for their house, you're willing to back it up and make one.

And they're certainly concise.

You can send (and automate) any of these E.P.I.C. messages via text message, email or ringless voicemail from right inside of your REI Blackbook account.

Build custom text replies into your REI Blackbook workflows and callflows for all of your real estate marketing needs.
Build custom text replies into your REI Blackbook workflows and callflows
Easily create custom automated workflows and callflows inside of REI Blackbook for all of your real estate marekting needs.
Create custom automated workflows and callflows inside of REI Blackbook

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Marketing Strategy #3: The 3 Option Letter of Intent

One of the most powerful marketing strategies Matt has in his arsenal is the 3 Option Letter of Intent.

Have you ever been on the phone with a seller and had them balk at your low-ball cash offer?

This strategy will differentiate you from your competition by allowing you to give the seller more than one option to work with you.

The way it does this is by opening you up to different ways you can purchase their property with creative financing (read: using other people's money.)

More often than not, this strategy opens you up to being able to leverage seller financing.

And it creates a win/win for you and the seller by allowing them to choose the option or terms that work best for them.

To hear Matt explain this tool in greater detail, jump to 17:49 in this video:

This is the tool that has built Matt's entire real estate portfolio without ever having to get a bank loan or use his credit score.


If you put these real estate marketing strategies to work in your business, you will undoubtedly increase the number of deals you're doing from the leads you already have.

And if you'd like to learn first-hand from incredible expert trainers like Matt, be sure to get registered for our next REI Bootcamp.

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