6 Biggest REI BlackBook Updates of 2020


Can you believe it’s July already?  Where has the first half of this year gone?

While it’s been flying by, we’ve quietly been releasing some very exciting updates to our software you’ll definitely want to know about, if you’re not already aware of them. 

We’re constantly working behind the scenes to make improvements to our software based on feedback we receive from users like you.  

So, without further ado, let’s count ‘em down….

Top 6 REI BlackBook Updates of 2020 (So far…)

6.  New Cash Buyer Website Template

Preview of the new cash buyer template inside REI BlackBook.

With this exciting new template, you can showcase your current inventory to potential buyers – even if you don’t have one to advertise you can still build your Buyers List by having them sign up for your Preferred Buyers Club!

This site compels your viewers that they can receive priority access to the newest off-market investment properties before the public.

5.  Conditional Custom Fields

Conditional actions can be added to any custom fields you create inside your REI BlackBook account.

A conditional custom field is a contact field where you can create multiple options and assign an option to a specific contact record.  

Based on an option assigned, a certain workflow or a tag will be triggered.

4.  Cloning Workflows

You now have the ability to duplicate workflows, so can easily replicate existing workflows and make changes when needed.

Creating an in-depth workflow for your prospects, leads and contacts can be time consuming. 

However, if you need to recreate the same workflow, but perhaps don't have the time to sit down and start the process over again, you can simply clone your workflow with one click of your mouse.

3.  Tag and Source Callers From Profit Dial

Inside of REI BlackBook, there is another way for you to source and tag those who call your Profit Dial phone numbers.

You can now tag and source callers directly inside of your Profit Dial phone number which allows you to track the source of your leads at the phone number level.

Being able to tag and source you leads at the phone number level will save you a ton of time and extra work. You no longer have to create a unique callflow for every phone number so you can track your leads.

This new update allows you to route multiple phone numbers to the same callflow. It may sound like a small update, but it will make a big impact on your inbound call tracking system.

2.  Webhooks

You now have the ability to integrate third-party lead sources into your REI BlackBook account.

Webhooks are a way for apps to automatically communicate with one another.  

For example, when you collect a new lead, you can push that lead into a third party dialer like Mojo Dialer, all thanks to Webhooks.

 You can also use these webhooks to import leads from outside lead sources by using a Google Spreadsheet and an REI BlackBook webform with Zapier.

1.  Profit Dial Mobile App

The Profit Dial Mobile App is live and available to download in the Google Play Store & Apple Store

And perhaps one of the biggest and most exciting updates we’ve had so far in 2020 is the launch of our Profit Dial Mobile App.  

The Profit Dial App gives you quick access to all of your contacts in your REI BlackBook account, the ability to log calls, apply notes, trigger workflows, and much more.

You can seamlessly send and receive text messages directly from the app so you can stay in touch with your leads from anywhere.

Most REI BlackBook users have multiple Profit Dial numbers. You now have the ability to manage all of your phone numbers directly from the app. Easily switch outbound CallerID for both texting and outbound calls.

With our smartID you won’t have to remember which number the contact called or texted, we will automatically use the last known number the contact interacted.

And that’s all of our exciting 2020 updates for now!

We are constantly working to improve our software so we can ultimately support you, our users, to move the needle in your businesses in the most meaningful and efficient ways possible.  

Keep an eye out for other exciting updates coming out later this year!

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