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The Easy Way to Automate & Simplify
Your Real Estate Business

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Do more deals. Make more money. Have more time. Period.

So, you’ve built yourself another job, huh?

And freedom, once again, has proven to be an elusive beast?

You didn’t start a real estate business so IT could own YOU, and yet you…

  • Spend inordinate amounts of time on mundane tasks
  • Lack consistent and powerfully proven marketing
  • Don’t have systems in place to follow up with your leads
  • Piecemeal your technology without great results
  • Feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and overworked in your business and covet a life of your choosing

Listen. It's time to do things differently.

When you automate the mundane and focus on income generating activities, money materializes, and time for family, friends, and fun appears.

Not only is it possible, it’s accessible, and it’s here for you now.

It’s time to turn the tables, make more money, and have more freedom in your business.

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Don't Take Our Word For It...

Peter & Eva Medilek

When we started investing in real estate 3 years ago, REI BlackBook gave us the confidence to know what offers to make.

REI BlackBook keeps deals coming in while we’re busy working other parts of the business.

REI BlackBook is a system we can delegate, which leaves our time better spent on negotiations and shopping for tiles.

Peter & Eva Medilek The Hayston Group, LLC

Jeff Sheiner

REI BlackBook gives me so much value for so little money.

Seeing as I started at $0 with my real estate investment, REI BlackBook has been instrumental in the growth of my business.

Jeff Sheiner I Buy Georgia

The Five Pillars Of A Successful Real Estate Investment Business

  • Simplify Technology –

    Publish your websites without the struggle. Professionally designed, written, and optimized sites are done for you. Plus customizable landing pages with pre-written follow-up campaigns mean that you’re collecting leads while you sleep. Learn More>>

  • Get Organized –

    Keep all contacts, tasks, and deal tracking in one place with a fully integrated CRM. No doesn’t mean no; it means no right now. Never again lose a lead because you forgot to follow-up.
    Learn More >>

  • Automate Marketing –

    Marketing is the lifeblood of your business, but wasting time on it is not. Dedicated single property websites, one-click pdf flyers, html ads, and instant publishing to over 35 third party sites mean more visibility in less time.
    Learn More>>

  • Make More Money –

    Ditch the guesswork. Proper deal analysis will make or break your biz, but it doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll have all the tools you need to run comparables, look at multiple deals side-by-side, run best and worst-case scenarios, find desirable financing, and determine the most profitable exit strategy.
    Learn More>>

  • Get Referrals –

    Relationships are the foundation of every successful business. With a nationwide community of active investors, you’ll never lack for someone to partner with, answer your questions, acquire your properties, or even sell you your next deal.  Learn More>>

It’s time to step up to the plate
and make some money.

The nations largest real estate educators don't just recommend REI BlackBook,
they provide our platform to students as a key ingredient for their success.

Find out why...

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Anthony & Jamie Klenkle

REI BlackBook has kept us in business and married!

Increased rental prospects by 75%!

REI BlackBook helps us reach more people and look professional without spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on 20 separate sites.

Anthony & Jamie Klenkle A & J Living, LLC

Daniel & Maranda Moore

REI BlackBook has more than streamlined my business, it is the cornerstone that makes it grow.

40k profit in one month!

Now that I’m using REI BlackBook, I’m sourcing my own deals, which makes my margins MUCH nicer.

Daniel & Maranda Moore Empire REI, LLC

Ruben Perez

I couldn’t function without REI BlackBook.

The REI BlackBook automated systems are generating leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great!

We’ve started using the REI BlackBook system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it!

Ruben Perez Skyline REI Properties, LLC