The Importance Of Financial Liquidity and Gaining “Peace Of Mind”


Damon Remy, founder and CEO of REI BlackBook, has been busy catching up with members of his network and industry experts to check in with them and see what they're doing right now in their businesses to ensure they will not only survive, but thrive in this time of economic uncertainty.

We, here at REI BlackBook, are releasing a Special Expert Interview Series to take you behind the scenes of some of the highest performing real estate investors across the country to discover how they have survived past economic downturns and recessions, and what you can do to thrive during economic uncertainty.

In this interview, Damon chats with George Antone, a self-proclaimed finance hacker, and tycoon in the private lending and alternative investments industry. 

Expert Interview Series with George Antone, Founder & Chief Wealth Strategies at Fynanc. The importance of financial liquidity and gaining “peace of mind.”

Over the course of 43 minutes, they talk about the current declining economy. George shares his expert advice on liquid financing, a plan for getting “peace of mind,” and what business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, should be doing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? No worries, browse through the topics listed below that interest you and fast forward to that specific spot.

  • 2:30 George discusses what to do when the stock market starts to decline. He mentions deleveraging and the importance of having liquid assets.
  • 5:46 Damon asks George what are the top ways for getting into a liquid position. George expands on money reserves and provides examples on reliable money reserves. 
  • 9:52 George stresses the importance of “peace of mind,” and talks about what that means financially. 
  • 11:01 Damon and George dive into financial statistics about the majority of Americans. They offer advice on what entrepreneurs and business owners should do during this coronavirus pandemic.
  • 15:21 George asks Damon what are some business systems that he has in place for REI BlackBook. Damon goes in-depth about specific tactics to do right now in order to stay ahead of the economic effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  
  • 21:54 George talks about the decisions and plans that he made businesswise in the changing climate due to the coronavirus pandemic. Damon highlights some key “nuggets” that George has said so far in the video chat. 
  • 26:07 From a personal standpoint, George asks Damon what are some things to do every day in order to keep himself moving forward. Damon and George share the variety of things and tasks that they are focused on. 
  • 32:18 George reminds viewers to stay informed about what’s going on, but to not yourself be bogged down by all of the fear. He discusses how REI BlackBook has helped him manage his business.
  • 36:09 George asks Damon to share the latest tool from REI BlackBook. Damon talks about REI BlackBook’s latest features and upcoming projects that he is excited about.
  • 38:30 George discusses the importance of refinancing and what the best options are for refinancing. He also suggests taking the time to learn more in-depth about liquid and equity financing. 
  • 40:55 George shares how you can become a student in one of his classes at Fynanc Academy!            

Who Is George Antone?

George is the founder and Chief Wealth Strategist for MPactWealth and Fynanc, his new company. 

He is the author of the best-selling books “The Wealthy Code,” “The Banker’s Code,” and “The Debt Millionaire.”

George is a lifestyle entrepreneur and an award-winning speaker on alternative investment strategies.

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