Mastering the Art of Workflows: One REI BlackBook User Shares Her Secret


How would doing 3 or 4 real estate investment deals a month change the outlook of your life and business?

With the help of REI BlackBook, user Marcy Martinez studied the software and created Workflows that have turned cold leads into deals on autopilot. 

Her perfected system has led her to do 3-4 deals a month. Marcy’s secret is that her Workflows mimic the five stages of REI BlackBook’s roadmap to generate motivated seller leads. 

REI BlackBook offers a variety of trainings on how to generate leads, how to use Workflows and Callflows. Those trainings include Accelerators, Q & A’s, support articles, webinars and more.

Applying what she learned from those resources is how she developed Workflows that helped her turn leads into deals, according to Marcy.

“REI BlackBook provides a lot of training and a lot of guidance, so I’m really appreciative of that,” she said. 

What has helped the success of her Workflows are the scripts that she crafted for Call Recordings and Ringless Voicemails (RVMs). 

Call recordings and RVMs are only offered Small Business and Accelerator memberships.  

Marcy said she encourages other users to upgrade their accounts.

“Those additional features pay off on its own in my opinion,” she said. 

Pictured above is a list of Marcy’s Workflows that she has created for her leads. 

Once Marcy mastered Workflows, she organized her pipeline inside her REI BlackBook account.  

She then imported leads that she considered dead and placed them on her Workflows. Marcy  soon started receiving responses from those leads.  

Pictured above is one of Marcy’s test RVM campaigns. This graphic shows her total cost per lead that includes the price REI BlackBook. From this campaign, Marcy closed on her first rental property that was expected to generate between $700-1,000 cash flow.    

Check out this webinar with Marcy, Damon Remy, REI BlackBook founder and CEO, and Josh Arras, director of marketing, as they dissect some of her Workflows and Call Recordings. 

REI BlackBook Benefits

In 2016, Marcy obtained an REI Blackbook membership through Elite Legacy, but she didn’t start exploring the software until 2018, which was two years after launching her real estate investment business.

“Before REI BlackBook, I had no way of actually managing and tracking my leads, so I wasn’t very organized,” Marcy said. 

“There was zero follow-up and I was not really knowledgeable on the marketing strategies.” 

After using REI BlackBook, “everything started coming together for me as far as the marketing and I was able to utilize the new tools that they were implementing like the Workflows to actually build my follow-ups,” Marcy said. 

Thanks to the Workflows she put in place, Marcy does not have to worry if a lead has or has not been contacted. 

“I’m able to consistently follow up with sellers without me having to pick up the phone and do it,” she said. 

Additionally, REI BlackBook tools help her stay organized.  

She mentioned that REI BlackBook is not only about providing software tools, but there’s education classes, mentorship and a community for guidance. 

“There’s marketing leadership because the people behind the brand, which is Damon and his team, have a lot of experience that they openly share with all of the community,” Marcy said.

 “I think that’s awesome.”

About Marcy

Before getting into real estate, Marcy was a business consultant for the sandwich franchise Subway for 15 years. 

In May 2016, Marcy started taking real estate courses through Elite Legacy and launched her business later that year based in South Texas.

For about two years, Marcy was juggling her full-time job and doing real estate on the side. 

After she gave her Subway boss a year’s notice, Marcy started focusing on her real estate investment business full-time in 2018. 

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