Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investors During This Economic Crisis


Damon Remy, founder and CEO of REI BlackBook, has been busy catching up with members of his network and industry experts to check in with them and see what they're doing right now in their businesses to ensure they will not only survive, but thrive in this time of economic uncertainty.

We, here at REI BlackBook, are releasing a Special Expert Interview Series to take you behind the scenes of some of the highest performing real estate investors across the country to discover how they have survived past economic downturns and recessions, and what you can do to thrive during economic uncertainty.

In this video call, Damon chats with Matt Bell, founder and CEO of Easy Lending Button, and an experienced investor who has completed 6,000 renovations for a hedge fund.

Expert interview with Matt Bell. How to combat money problems for the average investor during an economic crisis.

Over the course of 48 minutes, they discuss financial strategies, trends in lending, changes in large lending companies, what business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, can be doing right now to keep moving forward, and much more.  

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? No worries, browse through the topics listed below that interest you and fastforward to that specific spot.

  • 4:45 Damon asks Matt what are some of the biggest changes he is seeing in the lending industry and if lenders are still in business. Matt talks about trends that are now happening in certain lending companies.
  • 6:50 Matt explains how lending is still continuing throughout the U.S. and how some requirements have changed. He dives into the kinds of loans his lending business disperses. 
  • 12:35 Damon asks Matt what conversations he is having with his lending partners and other types of lenders such as banks. Matt talks about “family offices” and generational wealth.   
  • 18:30 Matt defines what a private lender is, what a hard money lender is and the importance of traditional banks. He points out that real estate investors should have relationships with different types of lenders. Damon provides some insights.
  • 23:31 Damon asks Matt what it is like raising private capital right now. Matt provides insights of what may happen over the next couple of months. Damon dives into the economy and data that he came across about the coronavirus. 
  • 31:41 Matt talks about transferring of wealth between generations. Damon asks Matt how he is still operating his business. Matt shares how he is moving forward.
  • 35:50 Damon shares his views on cold calling. Matt talks about the marketing tactics he’s using for his business.  
  • 43:06 Damon summarizes topics from the video chat. Matt talks about how to reinvest in yourself and reinvest in your family. 
  • 46:55 Matt shares how to find him online!


Who Is Matt Bell?

In November 2019, Matt created Easy Button Lending, the premier lending partner in the real estate investing industry. 

His business is built by investors and for investors in all 50 states, all types of deals and all credit profiles. 

Since 2014, he has been serving as director of renovation for Connorex Lucinda, a single-family residential aggregator based in Charleston, South Carolina. 

His renovation team has completed 6,000 homes.

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