How Vena Jones-Cox Survived 3 Major Economic Downturns and How You Can Too


Damon Remy, founder and CEO of REI BlackBook, has been busy catching up with members of his network and industry experts to check in with them and see what they're doing right now in their businesses to ensure they will not only survive, but thrive in this time of economic uncertainty.

We, here at REI BlackBook, are releasing a Special Expert Interview Series to take you behind the scenes of some of the highest performing real estate investors across the country to discover how they have survived past economic downturns and recessions, and what you can do to thrive during economic uncertainty.

In this video call, Damon chats with Vena Jones-Cox, a prominent figure in real estate associations, as well as an experienced, successful real estate investor and educator.

Expert Interview with Vena Jones-Cox. How she survived 3 major economic downturns and how you can too.

Over the course of an hour, they discuss what the housing market and economy was like during past recessions, what Vena has learned from her own experiences and from her father, benefits of real estate investor groups, and what business owners and entrepreneurs, like you, can be doing right now to keep moving forward, and much more.  

Don’t have time to watch the entire video? No worries, browse through the topics listed below that interest you and fastforward to that specific spot.

  • 2:11 Vena describes the coronavirus pandemic atmosphere in Ohio and how she has helped real estate investors stay a float.
  • 4:36 Damon asks Vena how business is doing during the coronavirus pandemic. She shares the key that will help real estate investors get through this time. She talks about the lessons she learned from her father when he was a real estate investor during times of economic turmoil.
  • 9:05 Damon stresses the importance of looking at data in your local market versus national market data. Vena shares what happened in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the 2001 recession compared to other cities. 
  • 11:10 Damon shares what led to the 2008 recession. Vena discusses the significance of becoming involved in a real estate networking group. 
  • 13:30 Damon offers his tips for how real estate investors can get through the coronavirus pandemic. Vena suggests chatting with experienced real estate investors who have been through similar economic downturns. She notes that real estate investors have options to stay in business. 
  • 19:09 Damon talks about the supply and demand in the house market now versus back in 2008. Vena talks about what determines the prices of properties.  
  • 24:41 Damon and Vena discuss how to approach and reach out to fellow investors, in addition to ways to help one another. 
  • 32:23 Damon asks Vena what aspects of her business she is currently focused on. Vena shares her business strategy that saved her business during the 2008 recession and how she continues to implement that strategy today. 
  • 37:56 Damon and Vena mention different tactics on how to keep moving forward. Vena also discusses ways to be charitable during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • 44:46 Damon provides personal examples of when it is not appropriate to send cold messages to prospects. Vena mentions the significance of personal cold calls. They go into detail about cold call legislation.
  • 59:19 Vena lists actions that real estate investors can do right now for themselves and their businesses.              

Who Is Vena Jones-Cox?

Vena has 25 years of experience as a real estate agent. She does her investing in the greater Cincinnati area, including northern Kentucky, where she has done more than 700 deals.

Her investments include wholesale, in addition to least/option, rent and land contract properties. She also is a licensed broker in Ohio, and only lists properties that are her own or works directly with buyers. 

She is an advocate for teaching about real estate investing and shares her knowledge through her business, Real Estate Goddess. Vena also hosts a public radio show called “Real Life Real Estate Investing.”

Vena has been the president of the Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati, the Ohio Real Estate Investors Association and the National Real Estate Investors Association.

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