Hire A Virtual Lead Manager Pre-Trained in REI BlackBook

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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual lead manager (VLM) is much more than a virtual assistant. A Certified VLM will manage your leads, connect with sellers, execute your follow-up sequence, and revive “dead” leads. Simply put a VLM will help you manage your leads and close more deals.

We charge a $2,500 placement fee to hire and train your virtual lead manager. We partner with a staffing firm that sources top talent with real estate experience. This fee covers recruiting, screening, training, and onboarding (6 - 8 week process). The hourly rate for your VLM is $12.60 per hour.

Hiring is one of the most expensive mistakes you can make in your business. We charge a placement fee because we do extensive work recruiting and training your VLM so they can plug directly into your operation and have an immediate impact on your bsuiness.

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