Recia Buys Houses

'Accidental' Investors

Recia and Drew became investors after they got an 'accidental' rental. From there, they sought out further education and began buying into the dream of financial freedom – even though they already had good paying jobs.

"We were able to meet up with other people that showed us that we can turn our dreams into reality and there's a path and that it's tangible. For me, it was very important to know that it was tangible, I was able to equate something physical with money."

Following The 'Rat Race' Script

"I think we were living what we thought we were supposed to be doing at the time based on what everybody else had taught us to do. So what our parents had taught us to do, what society had taught us to do, we had followed the path. Drew got into a job where it was more of a career path, he was very intentional with the job he had and the path he was on. Whereas, I landed in a job and it turned into a job that made some good money and I was fine with it, but I did not like my job. I hadn't liked it back in '09, 2010, none of those years did I like it. So, when I saw this, I knew there's a way for us to get where we want to go and get to where we know we should be and we're climbing the wrong ladder, at that point.

We knew it then and we had to put a plan in place in order to, first, get me out of the rat race and then, second, get Drew out."

Keep the Deals Coming

"The marketing is unreal, it's really, really good. We like the websites, the landing pages, the popups, the opt-ins, all the flexibility we have with creating our landing pages and websites is critical to our business. It is constantly evolving and we love all the changes that happen. We run our business on REI BlackBook so we need it up and going all the time. It's on our phones, it's on our computers, it's on our tablets, we are always in REI BlackBook."


"As soon as we signed up for REI BlackBook, we knew that we were lined up with a company filled with givers."


Real Estate Investors, The Hayston Group, LLC

A Confidence Boost

Peter and Eva Medilek started their real estate investment careers in 2010. Lucky for them, they built their investment systems inside of REI BlackBook from the get-go. Like most beginning investors, they weren’t completely confident in property analysis and marketing, but, while they were gaining experience, the property analyzer helped them feel secure in the offers they made, and the marketing engine ensured that they didn’t sit on a deal for very long.

From Confidence to Competence

After completing a few successful flips, they no longer needed the confidence boost, but continue to use the tools as an integral part of their decision making. Eva thinks the property analyzer should be renamed the profit analyzer because it lets them know just how much to offer, whether they’re keeping the property or wholesaling, and exactly how much to spend on a rehab to realized their desired profit.

Keep the Deals Coming

Currently they’re transitioning into cash flowing investments, but they plan to continue the rehabbing arm of their real estate business relying heavily on the marketing engine, which has also helped them successfully market for lease options.

By delegating data entry to an assistant and knowing that REI BlackBook will keep track of the continual marketing for the next deal, be it a flip or a rental, Peter and Eva are able to spend more time shopping for tiles, making offers, and building their cash flowing property portfolio.


"When we started investing in real estate 3 years ago, REI BlackBook gave us the confidence to know what offers to make. REI BlackBook keeps deals coming in while we’re busy working other parts of the business. REI BlackBook is a system we can delegate, which leaves our time better spent on negotiations and shopping for tiles."