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Financial Scorecard (KPI Tracker)

Track your campaigns and key performance indicators (KPI's) in your business. Use this simple spreadsheet, so you know exactly which campaigns are converting into profitable deals. This will allow you to reallocate your marketing budget so you can scale what’s working.  Stop guessing your CPD (cost per deal) and finally know exactly how many leads you need per marketing channel to convert to PROFIT!


Case Study: The Power Of Webhooks (video training)

Webhooks are crazy powerful, but often not clear on how to leverage them in your business. In this video, I'll show you the exact step-by-step process I used to create and automate our recent "book request" funnel!

With a simple landing page, webform, and a webhook I was able to capture book requests right inside of REI BlackBook and instantly update a google sheet that was shared with my assistant.  She knew exactly who requested books and updated with order date so I knew the orders were fulfilled.