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Per month billed monthly

10 User Accounts

10 Lead Capture Websites

10 Call Tracking Numbers

10,000 Contacts

20,000 Email Credits

1,500 Local Minutes

$0.03 Additional Usage

1,500 Text Messages

$0.015 Additional Usage

500 Ringless Voicemails

$0.06 Additional Usage



Per month billed monthly

3 User Accounts

3 Lead Capture Websites

3 Call Tracking Numbers

5,000 Contacts

10,000 Email Credits

500 Local Minutes

$0.05 Additional Usage

500 Text Messages

$0.03 Additional Usage

250 Ringless Voicemails

$0.08 Additional Usage



Per month billed monthly

1 User Accounts

1 Lead Capture Websites

1 Call Tracking Numbers

500 Contacts

1,000 Email Credits

Pay As You Go Calling

$0.06 Additional Usage

Pay As You Go Texting

$0.045 Additional Usage

Ringless Voicemails

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Usage Summary Basic Growth Professional
User Accounts 1 3 10
Lead Capture Websites 1 3 10
Call Tracking Numbers 1 3 10
Contacts 500 5,000 10,000
Email Credits 1,000 10,000 20,000
Local Minutes Pay As You Go Calling
$0.06 Per Minute
$0.05 Additional Usage
$0.03 Additional Usage
Text Messages Pay As You Go Texting
$0.045 Per Text
$0.03 Additional Usage
$0.015 Additional Usage
Ringless Voicemail Not Available 250
$0.08 Additional Usage
$0.06 Additional Usage
Contact Management (CRM) Basic Growth Professional
User Accounts 1 3 10
Team Access Controls
Contacts 500 5,000 10,000
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Contact Activity Feed
Unlimited Custom Fields
Dynamic Fields
Automatically trigger campaigns based on the behavior of your contacts.
Advanced Segmentation
Inteligent Lead Capture
Task Manager
File Storage
Mobile Responsive
Lead Capture Websites Basic Growth Professional
Websites 1 3 10
Landing Pages 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Domain Manager
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Lightning Fast Hosting
High Converting Templates
Mobile Responsive Pages
Drag & Drop Page Builder
Smart Web Form Builder
Optin Pop Up Builder
SEO Tools
Campaign Tracking Links
Pre-Written Content Packs
Business Phone System Basic Growth Professional
Local Phone Numbers 1 3 10
Additional Local Numbers $4.99/mo $4.99/mo $4.99/mo
Toll Free Phone Numbers $4.99/mo $4.99/mo $4.99/mo
Call Forwarding
Simultaneous Ring
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Monthly Phone Credits
1 Minute = 1 Credit
1 Text = 1 Credit
1 RVM = 2 Credits
Pay As You Go Calling 500/mo 1,500/mo
Profit Dial Mobile App
The Profit Dial App gives you quick access to all of your contacts in your REI BlackBook account, the ability to log calls, apply notes, trigger workflows, and much more.
Call Capture
Callflow Builder
Greeting Messages
Voicemail Recordings
Call Tracking
Text & Email Notifications
Information Hotlines
Unique Extensions
Call Recording
Custom Call Tagging
2-Way Text Messaging
Text Blasts
Text Drip Campaigns
2-Way Texting
Mobile Keywords
Ringless Voicemail (RVM)
RVM Drip Campaigns
RVM Blasts
Mobile Keywords
Call Flow Builder Basic Growth Professional
Block / Unblock Number
Forward Call
Main Greeting
Send to Voicemail
See More
Assign Contact Tabs
Trigger Workflow
Stop Workflow
Create Contact Note
Change Opt-In Status
Smart Routing
Custom Call Tagging
Text Reply
Ringless Voicemail
Delay Timer
Assign Task
Email & Text Notification
Email Marketing
Interactive Menu
Assign Lead Source
Custom Webhooks
Marketing Automation Basic Growth Professional
Custom Tagging
Assign Contact Tabs
Trigger Workflow
See More
Smart Routing
Assign Task
Email & Text Notification
Email Marketing
Assign Lead Source
Create Contact Note
Change Opt-In Status
Text Reply
Ringless Voicemail
Custom Webhooks
Property Pipeline Basic Growth Professional
Repair Estimator
Property Comparables Limited
Single Property Websites
See More
Property Analyzer
Property Finder Portal
Disposition Management
Support Basic Growth Professional
Knowledge Base
Training Videos
Support Articles
See More
Online Ticket Support
Weekly Live Webinars
Phone Support
Accelerator Workshops
2 day live workshops held every month to help you grow your real estate business.
Basic Growth Professional
Attend In Person
Currently not offered due to COVID-19
Attend via Live Stream
Access On-Demand Library
Access our entire library of recorded Accelerators to watch and implement at your convenience


If you exceed any of the allotted credits included in your plan you simply pay for your additional usage out of the balance of your account's wallet. You can view our pricing for additional usage here.

Yes we do! You can get started with REI BlackBook today and get 2 months free when you subscribe to any of our annual plans. If you'd like to take REI BlackBook for a test drive before you pay, you can get 14 days of free access to our Small Business Plan here.

That's a great question! Many investors have 10 - 20+ call tracking numbers to help them track the success of their marketing campaigns. Our call tracking phone numbers automatically track the source of your leads and records the call so you can reference the conversation later. You can choose where each call is routed so no call goes unanswered.

Yes! For more information on the additional services our team provides, check out our services page. If needed, we offer a variety of packages to help you succeed.

Yes! REI BlackBook provides 2-way text messaging which means you can engage in conversations with your contacts via text message. You can manage your conversations with our mobile app while on the go.

Text messages can be sent 3 different ways.

1. Automated text message can be sent in a drip campaign using our workflow builder.
2. You can manually send a one-off text message directly to a contact.
3. You can send a text blast to a group of contacts.

Yes we do! We support teams of all sizes. As the admin, you have the ability to restrict access to certain parts of your account so each team member only has access to the tools they need and nothing more.