Buy it or not? Flip it or wholesale it? How will using hard money affect your end profit? The REIBB Deal Analyzer helps you answer these questions and more.


  • Profit Analyzer
  • Deal Comparison
  • Financial Reports
  • Loan Calculator
  • Deal Tracker
  • Run Comps

Profit Analyzer

The Deal Analyzer produces simple profit and loss projections based on extensive calculations that include everything from repair costs and ARV to costs of capital, purchase price, and marketing budget.


Deal Comparison

Compare multiple deals and decide which one is the best investment.


Financial Reports

You can even print your analysis in reports to effectively display the details of an investment to partners, buyers, or potential lenders.


Loan Calculator

Calculate amortization, maximum allowable offer, or an improvements report. Input simple loan information, calculate and save the results to a printable PDF.


Deal Tracker

Manage your deal flow with scheduling features that include follow-ups, tasks, and milestones with customizable screens.


Run Comps

Get instant comps for properties to take the guesswork out of calculating ARV.