Ruben Perez


Company: Skyline REI Properties

Owner: Ruben Perez

Location: Phoenix, AZ

RE Niche: Wholesale & Mobile Homes

Favorite Feature: Systems Automation

Key Results

Save a minimum of 10 hours a week

75% increase in rental prospects

Pursuing a pro golfing dream

"I couldn’t function without REI BlackBook. We’ve started using REI BlackBook's system to develop landing pages and autoresponders for other business as well. Loving it! The REI BlackBook automated systems generate me leads every week; I’ve even had sellers call me back months later because of an autoresponder. It’s great!"

Small Business

Drew & Recia Davis

Company: Recia Buys Houses

Owners: Recia & Drew Davis

Location: Phoenix, AZ

RE Niche: Wholesale

Favorite Feature: Customizable, Automated Action Sets

Key Results

Automated daily tasks

Zero rental property vacancies

Helped build their fix and flip business thus generating income to transition into cash flowing properties

As soon as we signed up for REI BlackBook, we knew that we were lined up with a company filled with givers.


Chad Mellentine


Company: Family Home Solutions

Owners: Chad Mellentine

Location: Lawrence, MI

RE Niche: Wholesale & Rehab

Favorite Feature: Automated follow-up

Key Results

Hands off, systems driven software

Travels the country in an RV with his family

Uses the lead generation & follow-up systems for other businesses as well

Everything completely changed when we started implementing REI BlackBook. In just 2 years, we've gone from averaging 2 to 3 deals a month to... next year we'll do an average of 20 deals per month, and that's a very, very conservative estimate.