New Feature Announcement: REI BlackBook and Facebook Lead Ads

Today we’re releasing a huge feature and integration with Facebook Lead Ads to help you generate motivated seller leads online.

In today’s ever-growing competitive real estate market, it’s becoming more and more important to reach your prospects where they are (Hint: They’re almost all online).

And Facebook is becoming one of the most popular marketing channels for investors heading into 2020.

Facebook has become a legitimate source of motivated seller leads. Especially because Facebook Lead Ads make it even easier to capture leads.

What is a Facebook Lead Ad?

A Facebook Lead Ad is a type of Facebook Ad that allows you to collect a prospect’s contact information, property address, etc. without the need to ever leave Facebook.

You’ve probably seen lead ads before while browsing through your newsfeed. Below is an example of a Facebook Lead Ad that we've used with great success.


So what makes this a Lead Ad? Here's how it works...

When a prospect clicks on your ad, a Facebook Lead Form will pop up that automatically populates any data that Facebook already has on the prospect.

Since Facebook requires it’s users to submit their personal information when they sign up for a new account, you can ensure this information is accurate, and up to date.

And because you don’t have to send these leads to an external website, and their information is automatically populated into the Lead Form, this dramatically lowers the friction of lead capture, which increases conversion rates.

The problem many investors have is that when a new lead is submitted from a Facebook Lead Ad, their information is stored in Facebook, and it can take hours, or sometimes days to manually follow up with these leads.

And that is why we built a direct integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

This integration will send all of your leads directly to your CRM inside your REI BlackBook account, and will also give you the ability to trigger an automated workflow to follow up with any leads you receive.

Check out the video below to learn more about this integration!

What does this mean for your business?

You will no longer have to follow up with each Facebook lead manually.

The workflow will do all the heavy lifting for you now.

The phrase “fortune is in the follow-up” has proved to be true.

Following up with leads as soon as possible is one of the most essential actions a business can take.

According to an article published on, companies waste 71% of internet leads simply because they don’t respond fast enough to leads.

In that same article, it was found through research that it takes companies 46 hours and 53 minutes to call a lead they received, and the rep who makes the call only makes 1.3 attempts to reach the lead before giving up and moving on.

So, why is response time so important?

  • If you follow up immediately with a lead chances are they are still on their computer, or phone, so they will look at the notification they receive from you right after they submit their information. They submitted their information for a reason, so if you can reach them right after they fill out the lead form they will be more likely to take action.
  • We already alluded to this, but if you follow up with them right after they fill out the lead form you will still be on their mind. They won’t have to recall who your company is, and what product(s)/service(s) you offer. They’ll know as soon as they see your company name.
  • You will impress your leads with how quickly you responded to their inquiry, and this will set the tone for the lead’s interaction with your company. The first impression they have with your company will be a positive experience, and this can lead to lasting business relationships and will make them more likely to refer your company to people they know.

Following up with a lead as soon as possible is crucial, but it’s also important that you follow up with a lead more than once.

81% of sales occur after the 5th touch, and 44% of people give up on a lead after the 1st touch.

Following up with a lead multiple times will increase the chances of them saying yes, and you getting a deal, especially if 44% of your competition is giving up after the first contact they make with a lead.

The new integration will be a game-changer for your business.

Not only will you be running ads to your target audience, you will have an automatic follow up in place to help you contact those leads quicker, and build the rapport needed to close more deals.

The new Facebook Lead Ads integration is now available for all users on the Small Business and Accelerator plans.

Need help setting up your first Facebook Ad? Be sure to check out the Facebook Ads Chapter of The Ultimate Guide to Generating Motivated Seller Leads.