New Feature Announcement: Profit Dial Now Has The Ability To Record Phone Calls

Today we’re releasing a new feature that has been highly anticipated.

Since the launch of Profit Dial, we’ve had a lot of users ask if there was a way to record calls inside their REI BlackBook account.

Over the last few months, we’ve been diligently working to implement this feature, so our users (that’s you) can record all calls in Profit Dial.

We’re happy to report call recording is finally here!

This new feature is now available to any user on the Small Business and Accelerator subscription plans.

Want to learn more about recording your calls in Profit Dial? Check out the short video below.

Why call recording is important for your business...

An argument can be made that call recording is one of the most useful tools to help improve your sales process.

All inbound and outbound calls to your Profit Dial number(s) can now be recorded.

And yes! Even calls forwarded to a call answering service can be recorded.

This now allows you to review your own calls, the calls of your team members, which provides a coaching opportunity.

Salesmanship is one of the biggest variables to success that you have as an investor. If you can go from closing 1 in 20 leads to 1 in 10, you can essentially double your deal flow without spending another dollar on marketing.

Just like high-level sports team review practice and game film, you should be reviewing your team's performance on the phone.

When people think of ways to improve their business the little things are often overlooked.

The utility of this one feature is simply AMAZING and make a huge impact on your business!

Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty of How Call Recording Will Improve Your Business.

1. Capture missed or forgotten details

Actively listening to your prospects is vital. This can prove to be difficult if you’re trying to take notes during the call, and can prevent you from actively listening to your prospect. With call recording, you always take notes later when listening to the replay, and this will ensure you can give your full attention to the customer - which is a huge part of understanding their needs, and overcoming objections.

Call recording will give you the peace of mind knowing you can actively listen to your prospects, take notes, and review the call at a later date if you missed anything.

2. Improve the quality of your calls and train your team more effectively

Recording calls allows you to hear how your team members or call answering service is speaking to your prospects and customers. This provides a great opportunity for you to help your team members improve their sales and communication skills.

You can also use a recorded call that went well as an example to show other team members or customer service reps how to win a prospect or customer over. It’s safe to say that anyone on your team can benefit from the coaching they receive from recorded calls.

3. Enhance your product or service

By listening to call recordings you can better understand the common questions and objections your prospects have in regards to your products or services. Through the conversations you’re recording, you can hear what they like, and what could be better. This information is invaluable (and free), and can be used to improve products or services to effectively meet customer expectations.

4. Get to know your customer avatar

Recording calls can help you better understand your business’ customer avatar. By listening to the recordings you will be able to decipher who is calling in to inquire about the product or service you’re offering. This, in turn, will allow you to hone in on your customer avatar, assuming you have the same type of person calling in, and this will make your marketing efforts much more impactful and efficient.

5. Keeps you compliant

Let’s first start off by saying, call recording is legal, and you should check with your local laws to ensure you are staying compliant when using this feature. It’s usually best practice to include a recording informing anyone on the line the call is being recorded, and this is something included in the call recording feature inside REI BlackBook.

At the end of the day, call recording will be one of the biggest tools you’ll use to monitor your business and implement changes when needed.

REI BlackBook has now made this easy and affordable for you to do. If you are on the Small Business or Accelerator plan call recording is included in your subscription.

And the best part is…

It’s absolutely FREE!

That’s right, there are no additional costs to record calls in Profit Dial.

So, don’t miss out on an easy opportunity to improve your business practices, and maximize revenue.