Build A Predictable Real Estate Investing Business with REI BlackBook

Say goodbye to losing deals once and for all. Turn your real estate investing business into a predictable selling machine with REI BlackBook.

Capture Leads

Never lose another lead! Our Websites and Phone Numbers seamlessly funnel your leads directly to your CRM.

Follow Up

Automatically follow up with every lead on autopilot with our industry-leading Workflow builder.

Qualify Leads

Make outbound calls from your REI BlackBook Phone number to qualify your leads in realtime. 

Make Offers

Analyze your deals so you can make the right offer every single time.

Market Properties

Use our suite of property marketing tools to blast your property to your buyer's list, and post it to the top sites on the web.

Close Deals

Track every deal through your sales process with our dynamic property pipeline.

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Tools Built for Investors Like You

Lead Capture Websites

Easily turn your site visitors into prospects with our proven pre-built website templates. Set up is easy, and only takes a few minutes. Because REI BlackBook is an all in one platform, every lead captured will be sent directly to your CRM, and followed up with on autopilot, helping you consistently close more deals.


Contact Management - CRM

Never run your business from spreadsheets and note pads again. Use our powerful CRM to identify new prospects, manage existing relationships, and grow your business from the inside out. Follow up is more important today than ever. Stay in contact with your leads, and pick up the conversation where you left off. Track your conversations with contacts using notes, email read receipts, and the agenda assistant to make sure you never leave a contact behind.

Call Tracking & Analytics

Track your campaigns and grow your business with Profit Dial. Use unique phone numbers for your campaigns to track every call and text message, so you know exactly where your leads are coming from. This will allow you to reallocate your marketing budget so you can scale what’s working. Intelligently route calls based on call history, tags, lead source, and more.


Automated Workflows

Turn your dead leads into deals! Trigger personalized follow-up campaigns when prospects complete a form on your website, text a keyword, or click a link in an email. Create personalized follow-up campaigns with automated text messages, ringless voicemails, emails, and more. No lead will be left behind with REI BlackBook Workflows.

Team & Task Management

Do you feel like you can never get ahead of your to-do list? Create and implement the perfect follow up strategy to ensure no lead is ever left behind. Create notifications, and seamlessly assign tasks to team members, so you can focus on what you do best. Manage your entire team with complete transparency, allowing you to focus on implementing and managing your systems. 


Property Analysis

Easily analyze your properties in one place so you can be sure you are only buying the deals that will make you the most money. After all, you don’t make your money when you sell a house, you make your money when you buy one. To ensure you are buying your houses at the right price, use our suite of property analysis tools so you can make the most informed investment decisions.

Property Marketing Engine

Use our suite of property marketing tools to sell your deals with the push of a button. Simply add your photos and property description and hit publish to market your property on your website and top 3rd party sites. Alert your buyers list with text message and email blasts to sell your properties fast, and for top dollar.


Property Finder Portal

Use the Property Finder Portal to recruit, educate, and motivate property finders to submit deals month in and month out. Keep your Property Finders in the loop and accept or reject properties on the fly, which means no more phone calls asking if their deal has closed.

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REI BlackBook is a game changer! We've used it to generate 25 deals in just 6 months.

Drew & Recia Davis

Freda Group LLC


I love how mobile-friendly REI BlackBook is! I love automation! I love getting texts from sellers out of nowhere (REI BlackBook automation is always working for me). I've completely changed the way I use my phone within the last 2 years after getting REI BlackBook.

Marcy Martinez

Freedom Heights Investments


Doing deals, while on vacation, in the wilderness of Canada was easier than ever because of this stellar platform. Not only was I able to lock up several new properties, I got them marketed out in no time at all!

Tammy Gauthier

Immediate Home Solutions