How Bryan Martineau Generated $85K+ in Profits Within 3 Weeks Of Implementing the 15×3 Follow-Up Campaigns



Battling burnout from following up in a high-volume wholesale business.


Used REI BlackBook workflows to automate his follow up process to re-engage his cold leads.


He generated over $85K in profits within the first few weeks of implementing follow up in

REI BlackBook.

“We started putting our leads into the 15×3 Follow-Up Campaigns and immediately had dead leads start reaching out to us that had been cold for months.”

Bryan Martineau

Watch this video to hear Bryan's story firsthand:

Before they started using REI BlackBook, Bryan Martineau’s company, Utah House Buyers, was being run across multiple software platforms, which was expensive and extremely stressful.  

Not only that, their high-volume wholesale business was leaving him and his team feeling “follow-up burnout” in a big way.  

That is, until they implemented the 15×3 follow-up campaigns:

“It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are to following up with leads, there is an element of burnout that is real and it happens.  So, having an automated system like this definitely takes that load off.”

Once Bryan and his team recorded the ringless voicemails required to give the follow-up campaigns a personal touch from their team, they leveraged our implementation services here at REI BlackBook to build out the systems inside of their account.  

Bryan loves how fluid these follow-up campaigns are and how organic they feel.  They are designed to feel like you typed every text with your own 2 thumbs and ask questions so as to incite responses from sellers.

“It’s really cool because of how personable the 15×3 follow-up texts, emails and ringless voicemails sound.  There’s a very big distinction between them and a robo-spam message.  It sounds so real and the flow of it is so real to a seller that they can’t tell that it’s just the click of a button where it’s on a drip campaign.”

Within 3 short weeks of putting the 15×3 Follow-Up Campaigns to work in their business, they’ve had 3 deals come in for a total of over $85K in profits.  

click here to download the 15x3 playbook - detailed process maps, fill-in-the-blank follow-up campaigns and scripts to help you convert more of your seller leads into deals.

The first deal alone generated $62K in profits from the assignment fee.  

(Not bad for what was once a dead lead…)

Not only that, but Bryan’s team includes a realtor who was able to find a new house for the seller which brought their profits on that deal up to roughly $75K.  

“Our pipeline is very full now from all of these dead leads and sellers who at one point in time either told us they weren’t interested or stopped talking to us… but now they’re coming alive again.  They’re getting resurrected, we’re having conversations with them and it’s working.”

rei blackbook case study - text responses from follow up campaigns
Here's an example of the responses coming in to Bryan's team from implementing automated follow up inside of REI BlackBook

The next deal is netting Bryan’s company another $10K in assignment fees.

His team is currently looking at creative financing options to structure the 3rd deal these automated follow-up campaigns have brought in to maximize their potential profits.  

Not only do the 15×3 follow-up campaigns help to automate the follow-up process for Bryan’s acquisition managers, they are inciting around a 33% response rate from sellers.

Bryan’s company has made it a goal for each of his acquisitions managers to add 25 new leads a week to the 15×3 follow-up campaigns.

“That may not sound like a lot,” he said, but it compounds over time.

“This 15×3 is actually requiring me to get more help because we’ve got so many leads to deal with and we can’t get back to people fast enough.”

We asked Bryan: 

What would you say to someone who was on the fence about signing up and implementing REI BlackBook into their business?

He shared with us that before his team made the switch to REI BlackBook, they were running their business off of at least 4 or 5 different software platforms.  

All of the software platforms “talked to each other”, but it was “scattered” and expensive.  

“It was really hard to keep track of where system errors were coming from…We made the jump because REI BlackBook is such a robust, all-in-one platform.  We decided to give it a try and we haven’t looked back at all. It’s been amazing.”

Now, Bryan’s business is all run out of REI BlackBook including his website, business phone numbers, callflows and workflows, 2-way text messaging with leads and more. 

“In addition to all of that, I’d say the number one thing that I love about REI BlackBook is your customer service.  You guys have been so amazing to respond to our questions and it’s really nice because you guys are so fast.”

Want to get your hands on the exact follow-up scripts and templates that Bryan implemented in his business? Click here to download the 15×3 Playbook today.

click here to download the 15x3 playbook - detailed process maps, fill-in-the-blank follow-up campaigns and scripts to help you convert more of your seller leads into deals.

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