Partner with REI BlackBook & Earn Recurring Commission

Do you love sharing your knowledge and helping other investors grow their business? Do you love connecting your friends and colleagues with the tools and resources they need? Are you a natural promoter? As an REI BlackBook affiliate, you can do all of those things for your audience, and earn recurring commission for every investor you send our way.

Reseller Partner Program

Are you a coach, podcast, blogger, or influencer? Partner with REI BlackBook and earn recurring commission to resell our tools to your tribe.

Affiliate Partner Program

How would you like to get paid just to refer your friends and colleagues to REI BlackBook? Share the love and get paid 20% every month.

Recurring Commission

Earn 20% monthly commission for the first 12 months for any user you refer to us. The more you promote, the more you earn!

Monthly Payouts

Promote REI BlackBook and get paid on time, every month for the customers that you refer to us.  

Affiliate Dashboard

Get access to your own affiliate dashboard where you can see your monthly recurring revenue in real-time.

Marketing Resources

We provide you with a custom links, graphics, demo videos, and more so you can start promoting right away.

How the Program Works

Sign Up

Any active REI BlackBook member can sign up for our affiliate program. To be a successful affiliate, you must:

  1. Understand the importance of building predictable systems in your business and believe in the power of REI BlackBook.
  2. Have an audience who needs a powerful, all-in-one platform to help them grow their investing business.

Share the Love

To start earning your recurring commission, all you have to do is share the custom affiliate link that we provide you. To make you more successful we also include:

Trackable links to our demo videos, blog posts, and other resources

Graphics and lead magnets to include in your marketing

Email templates

A dashboard to track your progress and commissions.

Start Earning!

We send you 20% commission for every person who signs up to REI BlackBook through your affiliate link. But it's not just that one payment when they sign up. That 20% is going to hit your bank account every month for the first 12 months that their REI BlackBook Account is active.

Join Our Mission to Help Investors Build A Business They Love as an REI BlackBook Affiliate

Through our affiliate program, you're not only earning extra money, but you're helping other investors grow their business, and improve their life in the process.