Get Motivated Seller Leads FAST with Ringless Voicemail

Description: Ringless Voicemail (RVM) is the marketing channel that we are the most excited about here at REI BlackBook.

Ringless voice mail gives you the ability to send a voice mail to an individual, or a list of contacts, without actually ringing their phone. You can think of this as cold calling at scale.

This is NOT the same as a "robo dialer".

Remember, the phone doesn't ring. Your prospect will simply get notified that they have a missed call and a voice mail. They then listen to that voicemail and choose whether or not to call you back.

Be careful with this...

If you send out 500 ringless voicemails, you will get a high volume of calls virtually right away.

So who do you send these RVM's to?

You can send them to your direct mail list, your driving for dollars list, leads that are submitted from your Property Scouts, and any other "list" in which you have the contact's phone number.

But what if you don't have their phone number?

Just like direct mail, you can buy a list of property addresses.

Once you have your list, you can upload it to an append service to get their phone numbers and drop them an RVM. More on that in a moment.

Then, brace yourself for responses!

Here's a quick graphic to show you what a ringless voicemail campaign looks like.

Lead Generation Method 9 - Ringless Voicemail

What you'll need to get started with ringless voicemail:

  • Lead List:
    • Use your direct mail, driving for dollars, or property scout list. Upload it to an append service to get the phone numbers of the homeowners on your list if you don't already have them.
  • Pre-Recorded Message :
    • You will need to record or upload a pre-recorded message that can be used as the voicemail that you will send to your list.
  • Ringless Voicemail Software
    • Use the Ringless Voicemail feature in ProfitDial Pro to send your RVM to your list. This is available in the small business plan in REI BlackBook.
  • Phone System w/ Automation:
    • It's important to use a tool like ProfitDial to track your call back volume and route your calls to the proper person on your team.
  • Call Forwarding:
    • Use the call forwarding feature in ProfitDial to route your incoming calls directly to your mobile phone, office line, or call answering service.
  • Lead Sheet:
    • Once you get a prospect on the phone, enter their property into your lead sheet. That property will then be sent directly into your Property Pipeline, and a new contact record will be generated in your CRM in REI BlackBook.

Use this lead generation method if you...

  • ... need high volume - If you need something that can scale up and generate a lot of motivated sellers.
  • ... need leads NOW - This method can produce seller leads quickly.

If you think ringless voicemail is the play for you, then let's get started.

3 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your First Profitable Ringless Voicemail Campaign

Step 1: Set Up Profit Dial

NOTICE: If you're brand new to REI BlackBook, and you have not yet set up your Profit Dial Phone Number, this quick support article will help you get your number set up in a matter of minutes.

Before you can send your first ringless voicemail, you have to make sure you are ready to accept inbound seller calls.

Once you have set up your phone number in Profit Dial, then next step is to create a simple Call Flow that will forward any incoming call.

You can forward calls to your cell phone, office line, team member, call answering service, etc.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to forward calls.

But what if you can't answer the phone live?

Whether you work a regular 9 - 5, or you're simply business on a job site, being able to answer calls live, and follow up in real time is a competitive advantage that can not be ignored.

In the video below, you will learn how to build a more advanced Call Flow that will tag inbound calls, dynamically assign tasks, and send automated text messages based off of your ability to answer the phone.

If you're ready to step up your follow up game, then check out the video below, and follow along to build your next Call Flow.

IMPORTANT: You do not need to implement the advanced call flow that you see above to launch a successful ringless voicemail campaign. Do not let complexity get in the way of execution! Simply forwarding your Profit Dial number to your cell phone is all that is needed to get started with ringless voicemail.

Once your Profit Dial number is set up, and you have your first Call Flow in place, it's time to get your list uploaded to REI BlackBook and send your first RVM.

With that said, let's move on to Step 2!


Step 2: Upload Your List to REI BlackBook

While getting your list was covered in Chapter 1, there is an extra step you may need to take with your list before uploading it to REI BlackBook.

Many lists that are provided to you via list brokers do not include the phone number of the property owner.

Obviously, to send a ringless voicemail, you must have a phone number to send it to.

So how do you get those phone numbers?

You need to use an append service.

An append service, in this example, allows you to upload a list of property addresses and request the phone numbers associated with that property.

Those numbers are then "appended" to your list, and sent back to you in a .csv file.

Here are a few append services that we recommend:

Once you have a list of property addresses and phone numbers, you are ready to upload your list to REI BlackBook.

For a detailed description of how to upload your list to REI BlackBook, please reference the 04:30 mark of the video below.

Step 3: Send Your First Ringless Voicemail

This is where the fun starts!

Now that you have your list uploaded, and you're ready to access inbound calls, it's now time to send your first RVM!

The process to send a ringless voicemail blast in Profit Dial couldn't be any easier.

Here is a quick video showing you exactly what you need to do to drop your first RVM.

Once the RVM blast has been sent out, you can expect to start receiving callbacks within the first 10 minutes.

If you're worried about what to say, or what to do when you start receiving calls, then check out this presentation that Drew and Recia Davis gave at a previous REI Bootcamp.

Drew and Recia are longtime REI BlackBook users and members of our Fast Track Mastermind.

They have been using ringless voicemail as a primary channel for generating motivated sellers for the past 18 months and have had incredible success.

In this presentation, they break down their process for fielding incoming seller calls from their RVM campaigns and shed some light on what common mistakes new investors make when talking to sellers on the phone.

These strategies apply to any type of inbound seller call and will help you become better on the phone. Not only that, but you will also learn how they follow up with their leads to increase the number of leads they're able to turn into deals.

You now have everything you need to launch a successful ringless voicemail campaign!

If you're an REI BlackBook member and have any questions about ringless voicemail, be sure to post them to our members-only Facebook Group.

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