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So What Do You Get?

Access To REI BlackBook

Get 30 days of free access to all of the tools you need to systemize and streamline your business including websites, CRM, phone system, automated workflows, and more.

Pre-Built Automated Campaigns

Your new REI BlackBook account will come pre-loaded with our top automated follow-up campaigns that will help you close 3X more deals from your existing leads.

Our Course Library

Get access to 6 of our top on-demand courses so you can learn how to leverage your new REI BlackBook account and the pre-loaded campaigns to systemize and scale your business.

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Here's Everything You'll Get Immediate Access To For Just $997

Get 30-days of REI BlackBook pre-loaded with our top pre-written email and text message campaigns, access to our training course library, and other limited-time bonuses.


The Vision-Building Workshop

CEO & Founder of REI BlackBook--Damon Remy--teaches his flagship course. A two-day workshop covering strategies and processes to think like a business owner and avoid a common pitfall: creating another job for yourself.

The Vision-Building Workshop Includes:

On-demand workshop for entrepreneurs to refine their goals and build an ultimate vision for their business

Plan and process for hiring a team, including an example accountability chart

Instruction on quarterly planning, and a worksheet to help guide you

More essential printouts, scorecards, and charts to help you work toward operating your dream business.

Business Growth Workshop Product Shot

$2,997 Value

The Perfect Follow Up System

The Perfect Follow-Up System comes pre-installed in your new REI BlackBook account and includes all of the emails, text messages, and ringless voicemail scripts you need to automate your follow-up. This will help you automatically follow up with your leads who aren't ready to sell their house right away, so you can focus all of your time and attention on the ones who are.

The Perfect Follow-Up System Includes:

All the campaigns, scripts, and process maps you need to turn more of your leads into appointments and deals

All of the email, text message, and ringless voicemail templates and scripts pre-loaded into your account

The Perfect Follow-Up System process map so you know exactly how your leads are flowing through your business

An on-demand training course to walk you through each campaign and show you exactly how to automate your follow-up so you can close 3X more deals from your existing traffic and leads

Perfect Follow Up System Playbook + Workshop Product Shot

$1,500 Value

The Perfect Offer System

The more offers you make, the more deals you close. Once you've automated your follow-up, you'll start to get more "at-bats" and more opportunities to make offers. The Perfect Offer System helps you systemize and streamline your processes around structuring, analyzing, and presenting offers that sellers can't refuse.

The Perfect Offer System Includes:

The "3-offer letter of intent" that allows you to pay more than your competitors and still generate massive profits from each deal

An on-demand training course to teach you how to structure winning offers that sellers can't refuse.

The exact process that Damon from REI BlackBook has used to buy 5 properties that cashflow over $4,000 per month

Perfect Offer System Workshop Product Shot

$1,500 Value

The Rejection Recovery System

No one likes to be rejected, but it's part of sales. While most investors mark these deals as dead and move on, savvy investors know that many time "no" actually just means "not now". With the Rejection Recovery System, you'll get access to the exact system that helped 1 investor close an extra 37 deals in 1 year from sellers who initially told him "no". This alone is worth the small investment of $997!

The Rejection Recovery System Includes:

The Exact campaigns along with the email and text message templates pre-installed in your account and ready to use right away

An on-demand workshop and case study with Darren Buttram to learn how he used this exact system to convert 37 sellers who rejected his initial offer into deals.

The exact process map that Darren used to systemize his follow-up anytime a seller rejects his offer

RRS laptop

$1,500 Value

Property Marketing & Disposition Workshop

This is the Property Disposition System that helped Rob Heyder and his team sell over 300 wholesale deals in the last 18 months

The Property Marketing & Disposition Workshop Includes:

On-demand workshop to learn how to build a hyper-active buyers list so you can sell your deals fast, for higher profits, with less effort

Pre-built Cash Buyer Website Template

Pre-written Cash Buyer email and text message scripts and templates

Pre-loaded Cash Buyer onboarding campaigns

Rocket Dispo - Laptop Mockup

$1,500 Value

The Motivated Seller Guide

New book reveals how to create marketing campaigns that sell. In this 99 page book, you will learn:

How to identify the best marketing channels that fit your business so you can generate a steady flow of motivated seller leads

How to pick your niche and find the right lists to target

How to systemize your marketing so you no longer experience gaps in lead flow or revenue


$199 Value

30 Days of Access to REI BlackBook

$197 Value

REI BlackBook lets you scale your company without scaling complexity. We have all the tools you need to run your business in one platform, which means no messy integrations or tech headaches.

  • Real Estate Investor CRM

    Keep track of your most important leads with the Customer Relationship Manager built for real estate investors.

  • 3 Lead Generating Websites

    Imagine a websites that works tirelessly for you, day and night, drawing in prospects, building trust, and turning curious clicks into profitable deals.

  • Smart Phone System

    Craft personalized inbound call experiences with our smart routing!  Know what marketing dollars are giving you the best return with call tracking.  With Call Recording, ditch the notebook and just listen!

  • Lead Follow-Up & Marketing Automation

    Close 2X-3X the number of deals from your existing traffic and leads by using our pre-built follow-up campaigns that can be set up in minutes using our visual workflow builder.

  • Property Pipeline

    Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your deals in one place.  Our platform has you covered from Comparable Sales to intricate Deal Analysis.  Access your deals from any computer, anywhere.

  • Property Marketing & Disposition Tools

    Publish your deals to your Property Marketing website with the click of a button. Use built-in email and text blasts to notify your buyer's list and sell your deals fast, with less effort.

30 Days of The Multi Offer Generator

Our newest cutting-edge tool, the multi-offer generator, will allow you to start analyzing and structuring creative finance deals with confidence. You'll be able to present winning offers that get accepted at 3X - 5X the industry average.

Here's How it Works:

Input the financial details associated with the deal including: asking price, rehab estimate, ARV, existing mortgage details, and more

Run the numbers to see if your deal will work best as a wholesale deal, fix and flip, lease option, or rental

Select the strategies and terms that you want to include on your offer letter, and send it to the seller with just a few clicks

$79 Value

Fast Action Bonuses

The Vision Systems People On-Demand Library

$1,500 Value

Livestream Workshop To Build Your Personalized 12-Month Business Plan

$2,000 Value

That's a total value of $12,972


Get this entire bundle during our one-time Vison-Building promotion for just $997

"How Do I Know This Is For Real?"

Look, I totally understand the skepticism. There are a ton of "systems" out there making big promises, but we have thousands of investors using REI BlackBook every day to systemize and streamline their business. Not to mention, you're going to get access to $5,000 worth of bonuses and pre-written campaigns installed directly in your new account right away. Here are just a few examples of investors using our platform to scale their business...

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“REI BlackBook makes me look like a superstar! About 5 hours combined was spent on two wholesale assignments. Two $10,000 checks. You changed the game! Thank you!

Margie Cromwell - Wholesale Investor and Trainer - Cleveland, OH

Margie Cromwell

“I knew I had to find something that didn't require a bunch of 3rd party integrations...I'm all in! I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a whole lot easier.”

Matt Theriault - Investor, Trainer, and Podcaster - Epic Real Estate


“We've used REI BlackBook for over 4 years, and since then we've closed over 400 deals. REI BlackBook is the best CRM and marketing platform on the market, and it's the only one we recommend.”

David Dodge & Michael Slane - Discount Property Investors


“If you’re done guessing about your business and ready to be a real player in your market you need REI BlackBook on your side. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them!”

Todd Fleming - The Kingdom Real Estate

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"REI BlackBook is the best CRM out there."

Mauricio Hernandez - Real Estate Investor

Mauricio Hernandez

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$12,972 Total Value

Vision-Building Special


The Vision-Building Workshop
$2,997 value

CEO & Founder of REI BlackBook--Damon Remy--teaches his flagship course. A two-day workshop covering strategies and processes to think like a business owner and avoid a common pitfall: creating another job for yourself.

$2,997 value
The Perfect Follow-Up System
$1,500 value

Install these 3 proven follow-up campaigns in your business today and watch your cold leads turn into appointments and deals on autopilot.

$1,500 value
The Perfect Offer System
$1,500 value

All the campaigns, scripts, and process maps you need to turn more of your leads and appointments into accepted offers

$1,500 value
The Rejection Recovery System
$1,500 value

Use the same exact system Darren Buttram used to close 37 extra deals in a year from leads who initially told him "no".

$1,500 value
Property Marketing & Disposition Workshop
$1,500 value

This is the Property Disposition System that helped Rob Heyder and his team sell over 300 wholesale deals in the last 18 months.

$1,500 value
REI BlackBook (30 Days Access)
$197 value

The all-in-one growth tool that thousands of investors trust to grow their businesses. REI BlackBook includes your CRM, websites, phone system, automated follow-up, and more.

$197 value
Multi Offer Generator (30 Days Access)
$79 value

Tired of getting your all cash offers turned down? Use the Multi-Offer Generator to analyze deals and structure offers that get accepted at 3X - 5X the industry average.

$79 value
The Motivated Seller Guide
$199 value

New book reveals how to create marketing campaigns that sell.

$199 value
Fast Action Bonus: The VSP On-Demand Library
$1,500 value

$1,500 value
Fast Action Bonus: Live Stream Workshop to Build Your Personalized 12 Month Plan
$2,000 value

$2,000 value

$197/mo subscription auto-billed after trial period. No commitment. Cancel anytime.