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REI BlackBook is the platform thousands of other investors across the country trust to….


Thousands of real estate investors use REI BlackBook to accelerate their growth

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Our Proven Track Record, In Their Words

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The Multi-Offer Generator

Simply add a deal, choose your different financing and disposition strategies, automatically generate your offer letter, and watch your closing percentage increase overnight.

Add a new deal

Add a new deal or choose an existing one from your property pipeline

Input the financial details associated with the deal including: asking price, rehab estimate, ARV, existing mortgage details, and more

Attach the seller's contact information to the deal to personalize your offer letter

“The first two times I used it I got two accepted offers. One under contract and the other pending. It was clear and they love the way I packaged it with a CMA.... it gave me more credibility as a problem solver....”

Michael Hornes

Secured Futures, LLC

Choose your financing and acquisition strategies

Choose multiple financing and acquisition strategies including: All cash, Amortized, Interest Only, Equal Payments, Subject To, and more...

Input your financial information for each acquisition strategy

Select the strategies and terms that you want to include on your offer letter

We sent three options to the seller: Cash, Seller Carry and what it would cost them if they listed with one of our Realtors. 48 hrs later they accepted our cash offer!

Eloisa Jones

Solutions 4 My House

Determine your best exit strategy

Run the numbers to see if your deal will work best as a wholesale deal, fix and flip, lease option, or rental

Plug in your rehab estimates, rental comps, etc.

Build in refinancing assumptions

“The Multi-Offer Generator is a next-level tool! Not only does it give your sellers different options to help you close more deals, but it also equips you with the metrics you need to help you make informed investment decisions. Amazing tool!"

Ricardo Ramirez

Camino Real Estate Group

Generate your multi-offer letter of intent

Select your marketing profile and letter template

Customize your message based on your relationship with the seller

Display each offer with clear terms and let the seller decide which works best for them

"I've been using the MOG for a couple of months now and I can tell you it's the best deal analysis and offer tool on the internet. I hope you get a chance to use it because it's the best one out there."

Ryan Garrison

Garrison Property Solutions

Send your offer and track your response rate

Email your letter of intent directly to the seller in just a few clicks

Download and print your letter to mail to the seller

"This is the silver bullet that I have been looking for. Not only am I analyzing deals faster and more effectively, it gives me the full picture when you're talking about multiple creative finance strategies"

Jason Mead

Carson Properties

Everything You Need to Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business

Real Estate Investor CRM

Keep track of your most important leads with the CRM built for real estate investors.

Lead Capture Websites

Get found online by motivated sellers and convert your site visitors into leads.

Business Phone System

Track the source of your best leads and engage your leads with personal 2-way text messaging.

Automated Workflows & Lead Follow-Up

Close 2X-3X more deals from your existing traffic and leads with our pre-built follow-up campaigns.

Property Pipeline

Manage your deals from new leads all the way to the closing table. Keep important documents, contracts, pictures, and more all in one place.

Property Marketing

Publish your deals to your website and use built-in email and text blasts to notify your buyer's and sell your deals faster.

Task & Team Management

Create notifications, and seamlessly assign tasks to team members. Manage your entire team with complete transparency so you can focus on what you do best.

Create Your Free Account Today and Get Immediate Access to:

  • 14-Days of Free Access to REI BlackBook

    REI BlackBook brings all the essentials together in one seamless experience. No more patchworking software. No more integration headaches. Just one powerful toolkit designed with investors like you in mind.

  • Contact Managment System

    Maintain a laser-focused view of your leads and contacts. Organize, track, and prioritize effortlessly.

  • 3 Lead Generating Websites

    Skyrocket your leads with powerful, conversion-optimized websites tailored for real estate investing.  Yes, even the hosting is included!

  • Profit Dial: Smart Phone System

    Never miss a deal again. Our phone system ensures you stay connected and informed.  (3 Tracking Numbers Included)

  • Deal Pipeline

    Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your deals in one place.  Our platform has you covered from Comparable Sales to intricate Deal Analysis.

  • Marketing Automation Engine

    From emails, text messages, and RVMs to funnels, automate your marketing processes and convert leads into deals.

  • Property Marketing System

    Showcase properties effectively and attract the right audience every time.

Plus …. Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial & keep The Multi Offer Generator even if you choose to downgrade Your REI BlackBook subscription later.

  • Tired of getting all your cash offers turned down?

    Use the Multi-Offer Generator to analyze deals and structure offers that get accepted at 3X - 5X the industry average.

  • Simplifies Complex Financial Calculations:

    Finding the sweet spot for the optimal terms for multiple amortization schedules can be daunting but now the The Mulit Offer Generator does all the hard work for you.

  • Confidence In Your Offers:

    No more second guessing, wondering what your profit might be if you rent it, sell it outright or maybe you become the bank and sell on terms and collect truly passive income.

  • Speed & Automation of Your Offers:

    Submit offers in minutes and automate the entire notification and follow-up with the seller.  No more sellers ghosting you and leaving you to wonder what happened.

  • Seller Control (or Perception of Control):

    Build seller confidence and trust when you show them multiple options and give them the Power of Choice.

  • More Closed Deals from the Same Marketing Spend:

    Triple you offer acceptance rate from the same leads. Go from closing 3 deals from every 100 leads to closing 10 deals from every 100 leads – a 300% increase in deal flow which puts more money in your pocket.

  • No Banks Needed to Contract Assets:

    Be in complete control and structure deals with cash now, cash flow and cash later.  It’s the trifecta of real estate investing.


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Investors Change For The Better When They Use REI BlackBook

Wholesalers, landlords, fix-and-flippers, private lenders, landowners, and developers all across the country have made the switch to REI BlackBook to increase production and grow their real estate businesses.

I knew I had to find something that didn't require a bunch of 3rd party integrations. I'm all in!


Matt Theriault
Epic Real Estate

REI BlackBook automation is always working for me. I love the automated follow-up and getting texts from sellers out of nowhere.


Marcy Martinez
Freedom Heights Investments

I hate to think about how much money I left on the table before automating my business with REI BlackBook.


Vena Jones-Cox
Investor & Expert Trainor