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Urgent Message

From the Desk of Damon Remy, Founder of REI BlackBook
Time: 2AM, the crazy time when I make the most ridiculous offers EVER!

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Dear friend:

If you want to finally get positive ROI on your marketing and lead gen you can stuff your funnel and “cherry pick” the best deals in your market while adding zeros to your bank account...then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the deal:

I’m looking for real estate investors who have NOT yet scaled-up their businesses using REI BlackBook...

AND investors who want to SERIOUSLY ramp up their businesses in 2023 and beyond.

Today, I’m Going To GIVE YOU A
99.99% Automated Marketing, Lead Gen, Sales & Deal Management Platform...A Platform Trusted By Thousands of REI Experts Just Like You.

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But That’s Not All...

To ensure your success...and to give you the biggest possible unfair advantages against the competition...

I’m going to GIVE YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED to finally stuff your funnel and “cherry pick” the best deals in your market...including nearly $24,000 worth of tools, resources and training that is ONLY available to REI BlackBook Members...

Absolutely FREE!

  • It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used real estate business building software before

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not 100% sure how big you want to scale your business

  • ​​It doesn’t matter what type of real estate you invest in

  • It doesn’t matter whether you have 1,000 deals under your belt or just a handful

  • ​​It doesn’t matter whether the real estate market is up, down or flat

  • ​​It doesn’t matter if you feel you don’t have all of the resources...(again, I’m going to give you everything you need)

In just a moment, I’m going to “de-mystify” everything you’ve been told about building a thriving real estate business with just ONE word...

As well as show you, step-by-step, how to stuff your pipeline and “cherry pick” the best deals in your market, without second-guessing yourself . . . getting “lost” or stuck . . .

And without dealing with the dreaded “analysis paralysis” (which we all do, but I’ll show you my sneaky tactic that can DESTROY those awful feelings in seconds).

Now, You Might Be Wondering...

“Why on earth is Damon Remy being so darn generous . . . and doing all of this for me today . . . and for free?!”

Well, there’s no point in sugar-coating it...

Quite simply, I want you to get off the sidelines and

Get In The Game!


Because if you’re here right now, I know it’s because of one of two reasons:

  • Reason #1— you’ve been wanting to fully automate your real estate business to ramp up your efficiency, stop wasting time and money on marketing and lead gen with questionable ROI, see more and better deals and FINALLY have more freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it . . .
    But maybe you haven’t pulled the trigger yet because you’re still “strategizing” . . .

    You’re sitting back trying to make sure you have all of the right moves in your head BEFORE you start tinkering with how you do things . . ..

    But really . . . the truth is . . . you may feel just a bit scared about using technology or worried that you’ll actually be less efficient and lose deals while you’re learning new systems.

  • Reason #2 — you DID try to use technology to automate your business . . . but for whatever reason it just didn’t “pan-out” as you hoped it would . . .

    Maybe you invested a ton of time . . . bought a bunch of different tech tools that you could never get to work together . . . and POURED YOUR SOUL into automating, but it all fell apart and the idea of going back and trying again turns your stomach, because you're afraid of failure... 

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone.

Automation Stuff Can Seem . . .

And that’s why I'm sure it’s fate that you’re here today...

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, my name’s Damon Remy, and I’m the Founder of REI BlackBook.

And my personal mission is to help real estate investors like you skyrocket their business through technology and education . . . so you can have the life you want, the life you deserve.

To date, REI BlackBook has helped over 100,000 (and counting) real estate investors worldwide to automate the only two things you need, 1) Lead generation, and 2) Lead Conversion.

That's it.


Those same investors have closed TENS of
MILLIONS of dollars in transactions with this software...

And Have Changed
Their Lives Forever!

Those numbers might get you hyped, but here's the cold, hard truth...

If you don't automate your REI business now, your competition has a massive head start...

I know that’s frustrating, especially if you’ve attempted to figure out this “automated business” thing but found it totally overwhelming, got burnt-out, and/or gave up.

If You've Been There... Turns Out, You Weren’t The Only One!

See - I was trying to figure out the COMMON DENOMINATOR among our most successful REI BlackBook users...

I asked myself this one question:

“What’s the difference between someone
who is successful with REI BlackBook

versus someone who isn't?”

For weeks, I was holed-up in my office reviewing all the top-performing users in EVERY niche possible... for instance:

  • property-buy-rent-concept-hand-pick-wooden-cube-miniature-house-with-text-rent-min

    Buy and rent

  • classic-house-model-sale-backgrouund-min

    Buy and flip

  • house-colored-sale-3d-rendering-min


  • Mockup of a foreclosure sign in front of a modern townhome or townhouse to illustrate recession fears due to coronavirus


  • miniature-people-happy-family-playing-together-using-as-family-concept-min


  • business-holding-model-home-loan-concept-min


I discovered that the major difference between our SUCCESSFUL and UNSUCCESSFUL users came down to something ludicrously simple...

Those who USED the software every day, and those who NEVER IMPLEMENTED IT AT ALL.

That's right, some investors have purchased REI BlackBook, had access to all of our special features, plus support, coaching, tools, resources, live events . . .

But Never Actually Used It In Their Businesses!

And that’s not so uncommon . . .

Entire industries are built around people NOT using products or services!

That’s why gyms and airlines (two industries that couldn’t be any more divergent) base their business models around overselling memberships and flights because they KNOW a lot of people won’t come . . .

And so some people (not you!) might take me up on this unreal, FREE offer and then never truly take advantage of it . . .

Or, some people (like you!) will claim this FREE offer today and join the top 1%... the REI community that blew past all their competition into WILD success because...

  • ​It didn’t matter what type of real estate they were doing

  • It didn’t matter where they were located or how many deals they had done before 

  • And it didn’t matter what the real estate markets were doing

At the end of the day, these successful trailblazers

Actually Got
Started & Used The Software!

Each of these people (and thousands more) responded to the opportunity to automate their marketing, lead gen and deal management to massively increase their income, decrease their workload, and create the lives they wanted and deserved.

They’ve All Learned That While REI Blackbook Is Sophisticated, It’s EASY To Use, Because It Was Built By Software Professionals Who Also Invest In Real Estate & Knew Exactly How To Make It Powerful, But User-Friendly...


Plus, we constantly improve and update REI Blackbook from all the feedback we get from more than 100,000 users and provide world class user support, to help everyone unlock the maximum potential of REI Blackbook to generate more and better leads, higher conversions and more done deals


Because here’s the truth— the ONLY way to get anywhere in this topsy-turvy real estate world is to get access to more and more deals so you can focus on the best ones in your market, and get them going faster and faster
so you can beat the competition to the best deals and make higher and higher profits.

But You Can’t Beat Them To The Best Deals If You Don’t “Get In The Game.”

So if you’ve NEVER tried to automate your real estate business, or you started and then stopped . . .

Then You’re In The Right Place.

Because my team and I will hold you by the hand, and walk you through each step of automating your marketing, lead gen and deal management, so you can finally reach the real estate success you’ve been dreaming of...

But in order for that to happen, I need you to get off the sidelines, suit-up, and . . .

“Get In The Game!”

Now— in order to “get in the game,” you do need to understand the playbook and have the right gear, or it makes playing the game a little confusing . . .

That’s why I pulled together ALL of the tools you’ll need so you can fully automate your marketing, lead gen and deal management without delay . . .

Bootcamp August 2013-min (1)

And I’m not going to make you pay the high price tag that normally comes with this insane product bundle.

Instead, I’m going to GIVE YOU everything, including nearly $24,000 worth of tools, resources and training to automate your real estate business . . . for FREE!

Are you ready to get literally

Everything You Need To
Help You Automate

Your Real Estate Business

When You Sign Up Today…For FREE?


Just Activate Your FREE 14-DAY Trial
Of REI Blackbook Today!

That’s right.

Instead of the 7-day free trial we normally give out, I’m going to double that and give you a FULL 14 days (which is a whopping 336 hours!) of REI Blackbook... FOR FREE!

This allows you to get comfortable with the software, build your lead gen, and launch your marketing... without paying a single penny!

Nowhere else will you be able to find this type of “all-in-one” real estate business automation platform...(Not to mention, nothing else out there does what REI Blackbook does . . . you’d have to find 15 other special offers and integrate 15 different softwares to even begin to get the functionality REI Blackbook offers alone . . . yikes!)

When you sign up today, you get immediate access to REI Blackbook where you’ll be able to…

Use The CRM System Built BY Software Professionals Who Also Do Real Estate Deals So You Can:

  • Run fully integrated CRM so no leads will ever fall through the cracks again.
  • ​Build stronger client relationships by automatically updating contact information, adding detailed notes, and viewing the entire history of a lead right from their contact record.
  • Automatically create contacts records from inbound calls and website leads, so every time you generate a new lead, a contact record is automatically created and the lead is tracked in your CRM. 
  • Get advanced tagging and contact segmentation so you can find any type of clients by tag, custom field, the date they were added, and more.
  • Have an unlimited number of custom fields and create contact tabs to keep your data organized across multiple contact and lead types. Create contact tabs for probate, foreclosure, tax delinquencies, cash buyers, private lenders and more.
  • Link the deals in your property pipeline to the seller, buyer, lender, and any other contact involved in the deal. Assign tasks to your team to follow up with leads, book appointments, make offers, market your deals, and more.

Build Custom Websites That Convert More Of Your Website Visitors Into Leads & Deals, Including:

  • Build a custom website (with NO need to know any programming) that includes powerful built-in SEO and lead capture tools so your website will become an online sales tool predictably delivering your business fresh leads.
  • Increase your contact rate with automated email and SMS confirmation messages delivered to every new lead, so you’ll Book more appointments and close more deals from your online leads.
  • Automatically track the source of your leads to know where your best leads are coming from, so you can double down on the marketing channels that are working best for your business.
  • Publish your own property listings with the click of a button, so you can move your inventory faster and earn higher profits.

Implement A Call Tracking and Business Phone System Built for Real Estate Investors That Allows You To:

  • Use call tracking numbers to get proof that your marketing campaigns are producing quality inbound leads and generating revenue for your business, so you can double down on the campaigns that produce the best results.
  • Automatically record every inbound and outbound call so you can focus on having meaningful conversations with your leads.
  • Increase your reach rate with integrated 2-way text messaging, then assign tasks to your team to follow up with leads, book appointments, make offers, market your deals, and more.
  • Make outbound calls directly from the contact record and forward calls and route leads to the right member of your team

Create Personalized Follow Up For Super-Charged Marketing, So You Can:

  • Close 2X more deals from the seller leads you're already generating.
  • Create beautiful customer experiences that build "know, like, and trust" with your motivated sellers, cash buyers, rental prospects, or any other type of leads.
  • Create automated lead nurture campaigns that follow up with your leads via text message, email, and ringless voicemail.
    Send the right message to the right person at the right time with smart routing that allows you to create personalized experiences based on the previous behavior of your contacts.

And that’s just the beginning . . .

That’s Why This 14-Day Free Trial Is Worth It All By Itself,
But Guess What...?

We're Just Getting Started...

Because, like I said earlier, when you sign up for the free, 14-day trial of REI Blackbook, you immediately unlock the most incredible bonuses EVER!

That includes nearly $24,000 worth of "REI marketing secrets" that will take your real estate business to a whole new level (think more zeros in your bank account!)

All You Have To Do Is Say “Maybe” Today With A FREE TRIAL And All Of This Is Yours . . . For FREE!


Just Say “MAYBE”

And It’s All Yours FOR FREE!

These Real Estate Investors Were Once Lost, Stuck, Or Afraid To Automate . . . Until They DID IT!

(And Now It’s YOUR Turn!)

And INSTANTLY Unlock Nearly $24,000 Worth Of Tools, Resources & Training To Help You . . .

Maximize Your Marketing & Lead Gen ROI, Choose From The Best Deals In Your Market And Add Zeros To Your Bottom Line!


I Want To Do Everything In My Power To Make Sure You Not Only Become A Die-Hard Lover Of REI Blackbook, But Also...

Finally reach the real estate success you’ve been dreaming of . . .

So When You Get Your 14-Day FREE Trial of REI Blackbook, I’m Adding . . .

$13,473 FREE

The Ultimate Lead Generation Bundle

RIGHT_box_mockup 01-min

The Evergreen Traffic Machine

($1,497 Value)

Put it all together by learning how to build your marketing plan that runs on data and numbers…not a gut feeling.


Google Ads For Motivated Sellers

($1,497 Value)

10X your results by getting in front of motivated sellers at the exact moment they are searching for someone to buy their property.


The Complete SEO Course for Newbies

($1,497 Value)

A high-ranking site boosts your credibility, and sellers are more likely to contact you.


The Proven Lead Capture Website Template for 2023

($1,497 Value)

Makes it virtually impossible for a seller to NOT give you their information on this irresistible website.


How To Run Wildly Profitable TV Ads

($1,497 Value)

At the end of the day, our sellers choose TV as their main source of information and entertainment – and we’re going to take advantage of that.


Facebook Ads

($1,497 Value)

 3 billion users across the platform – enough said.


Bandit Signs on Wheels

($1,497 Value)

Get people lined up BEGGING to advertise your business on their car.


Property Finders
(aka Real Estate Birddogging)

($1,497 Value)

Free up your time to close more deals while somebody else does the lead-generating legwork.


Direct Mail Mastery

($1,497 Value)

Immediately capture highly-targeted attention by taking advantage of a tangible piece leads are likely to view.


$6,185 FREE

The Ultimate LEAD CONVERSION Bundle

RIGHT_box_mockup 02-min

The Perfect Follow-Up System

($1,497 Value)

Put your follow-up on autopilot to give you the freedom to focus your time and attention on the profitable sellers who are ready.


The Perfect Offer System

($1,497 Value)

The more offers you make, the more deals you close. Systemize and streamline your processes around structuring, analyzing, and presenting offers that sellers CAN'T refuse.


The Rejection Recovery System

($1,497 Value)

The exact system that helped just one of our investors close an extra 37 deals in one year from sellers who initially told him "no" (without harassment).


The Rocket Disposition System

($1,497 Value)

Stop hoping buyers magically contact you. And instead, systematically market and sell your properties. It’s the same system that helped just one team sell over 300 wholesale deals in just 18 months!


The Motivated Seller Guide

($1,497 Value)

This new book reveals how to create marketing campaigns that sell (electronic copy will be delivered via email).


$2,997 FREE

Vision Building Workshop

Business coach/multi-time, multi-million dollar business creator Damon Remy will be your guide through the process of envisioning, organizing, and planning YOUR perfect business.

RIGHT_box_mockup 03-min

So What The HECK You Waitin’ For?!?

All You Have To Say Is “MAYBE” And All The Gifts Are Yours . . .


  • FREE 14-DAY REI Blackbook trial................................................................... PRICELESS!

  • FREE Lead Generation Bundle........................................................................ PRICELESS!

  • FREE Lead Conversion Bundle........................................................................ PRICELESS!

  • FREE Training Portal............................................................................................ PRICELESS!

Total Value: $23,995+


Now, if you’re still here, you’re probably wondering...

“OK Damon, What’s The Catch?”

Listen— I’m not hiding anything. I’m doing this insane offer to get you to sign-up for a 14-day free trial of REI Blackbook...

Why would I do this?

For a few reasons actually...

Reason #1 — I know that when you see the immense value REI Blackbook can add to your business, you’ll become addicted to it and FALL IN LOVE with automating your business and watching the deals come in fast and furious.

Reason #2 I know that once you start using REI Blackbook and begin to rake in the profits from all the new deals you’ll close -- remember, the ones you’ll get to “cherry pick” now -- you’ll tell other investors about REI Blackbook.

Reason #3 — One of the biggest reasons investors never automate their businesses is because they tend to get stuck in a darkness we call “analysis paralysis,” where they overthink things to the point where it’s nearly impossible to move forward.

And since I have countless other businesses and investments outside of teaching people how to scale up their real estate businesses, I’m in a great position to give you the best real estate business building platform in the world for FREE... so even the greenest of real estate investors can hit the ground running without worrying about breaking the bank!

Matt-Theriault-REI-Bootcamp (1)

Matt Theriault

Epic Real Estate | Las Vegas, NV

"I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a whole lot easier."

andy-werner (1)

Andy Werner

Oak Street Properties | Phoenix, AZ

"Over 60% of our deals come from following up. REI BlackBook is our competitive advantage and helps us close deals that we otherwise would have lost."

Why You Should Sign Up NOW...


Margie Cromwell

Cleveland, OH

REI BlackBook makes me look like a superstar. About 5 hours combined time spent on 2 wholesale assignments resulting in 2 $10,000 checks. REI BlackBook has changed the game!

abel-pacheco (1)

Able Pacheco

5 Talents Wealth, Inc. | San Antonio, TX

"I didn't have to reinvent the wheel. I just had to push it up the hill a bit. If your goal is to do multiple deals over...and over...and over again and have a system, move forward and pull the trigger with REI BlackBook.

This is a VERY limited time offer.

Like I said earlier, I’m only accepting highly-motivated folks who are ready to fully embrace automation and build their businesses up beyond their wildest dreams. We want to work with people who know how to work. 

But also...

We are a very busy company with multiple projects and thousands of successful investors to support. And because we have so much going on... I can’t afford to keep my entire team tracking special bonus offers for long.

That means once we hit our “cap” of people signing up today, we’ll be scrubbing this offer off the Internet, and for the foreseeable future....

So if you're here right now, and you want to truly ramp up your business so you can fill your pipeline & stuff your bank account, then NOW is the time to sign up and secure these free bonuses before it’s too late!


30-Day Money Back

I'm SO confident you'll be thrilled with the REI Blackbook software that if you don't see a difference in your business after implementation within 30 days, you can keep all of the bonuses for FREE.

Can you name another software company that would do that for you?

That just goes to show you how much we care about you achieving the REI success you deserve.

So Just Say “MAYBE”,

And Get It ALL…For FREE!

This 14-Day FREE Trial of REI Blackbook Even Includes

A Professional Real Estate
Investor Website...

Right out of the box.

Conversion focused website templates
Every one of our website templates is designed to do one thing... convert more of your visitors into leads. Each template was built by designers and online conversion experts.

Visual page builder
Adding new pages or making changes to existing content is as easy as "point-and-click". No need to hire costly web developers or pay for pricey designers. Use our front end builder to make your site your own.

One-click property listings

Create property listings that include comp data, photo galleries, video tours, and publish them directly to your website with the click of a button.

Automated follow up

Automatically send confirmation emails and text messages to build trust and increase your lead contact rate. Trigger multi-channel nurture campaigns to automatically follow up with non-responsive leads.

Fill-in-the-blank SEO tools

Get found online and generate inbound traffic when sellers and buyers in your market are searching for high intent keywords

Add Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking Pixels

Easily add your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Facebook tracking pixels, and any other tracking code to your website.

Drag and drop web form builder

Use our drag and drop web form builder to build custom webforms for any type of lead. Build cash offer forms, rental applications, cash buyer profiles, and much more.

Call tracking per online campaign

Running multiple online marketing campaigns? Use call tracking numbers to track calls from your landing pages back to the campaign it came from.

Campaign tracking links

Measure the success of each of your campaigns across Google, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, and any other online lead source.

Lead routing and instant notifications

Get immediate email and sms notifications of your new leads and route them to the right member of your team. This will help you decrease response time and increase your contact rate.

Website templates for your entire business

Need multiple websites for your business? We have website templates for Motivated Sellers, Cash Buyers, Rentals, Lease Option, and more.


Close 2X more deals from the seller leads you're already generating

REI BlackBook’s next-level automation and follow-up help you convert more of your motivated seller leads into deals.

  • Capture more seller leads online

    Easily create 2 websites to run your wholesale business. One to capture motivated seller leads, and another to build their cash buyers' list and sell their properties.

  • Convert cold leads into deals with multi-channel follow-up

    Seller leads going cold on you? Automatically follow up with non-responsive leads via text message, email, and ringless voicemail and start booking more appointments today

  • Track the source of your inbound calls

    Never ask "Where did you hear about us" again. Use call tracking numbers to automatically track the source of your best seller leads so you can double down on what's working

  • Better lead management

    Keep track of your most important client details so you can pick up where you left off. See the full contact history with our unified activity log.



Mange your property pipeline and analyze your deals faster so you can make more offers

  • Manage your pipeline

    Manage your deals through each stage of the sales cycle.

  • Run comps and quickly analyze your deals

    Pull comps, run the numbers, and create detailed reports that you can present to buyers and lenders to help sell your deals and raise capital.

  • Store unlimited documents and photos

    Store contracts, inspection reports, analysis reports, photos, and more for each property. It's like having a virtual file folder for each deal.

  • Create itemized rehab estimates on the fly

    Quickly and accurately estimate your rehab expense so you can analyze deals and make faster offers.



Sell your properties faster, for higher profits, with less effort

All the tools you need to fully manage your entire disposition process.

  • Launch your cash buyer website

    Build your Cash Buyer website in just a few clicks. Marketing your deals, build your cash buyers' list, and become the authority in your local market for discount investment properties.

  • Build a highly active cash buyers' list

    Build your buyers' list and automatically segment them based on their buying criteria. This ensures you send them properties they're interested in buying.

  • Send new deal alerts via text and email blasts

    Seller leads going cold on you? Automatically follow up with non-responsive leads via text message, email, and ringless voicemail and start booking more appointments today

  • Build A Joint Venture Partner Program

    Leverage the power of your buyer's list. Partner with wholesalers in your market to sell deals to your list and split the profits.

  • FREE 14-DAY REI Blackbook trial................................................................... PRICELESS!

  • FREE Lead Generation Bundle................................................................... PRICELESS!

  • FREE Lead Conversion Bundle........................................................................ PRICELESS!

  • FREE Training Portal............................................................................................ PRICELESS!

Total Value: $23,995+


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does The Free Trial Work?

A: No gimmicks. No funny business. At the end of your 14-day free trial, once you agree that REI Blackbook is the key to building a thriving real estate business, then you don’t have to do a thing, and we’ll automatically enroll you into our monthly REI Blackbook subscription of just $297/mo. Cancel anytime without any hassle.

Q: When will I receive my free gifts?

A: When you sign up today for the 14-day free trial of REI Blackbook, you’ll receive instant access to all of the free gifts on the order confirmation page.

Q: Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What's the catch?

A: Yes, it's true! There’s no catch. When you say "maybe" today, you can secure up to $23,995 of tools, resources and training to help you build your real estate business beyond your wildest dreams!

Q: Who Is This For?

A: This is for real estate investors who seriously want to build their businesses by automating their marketing, lead gen and deal management to massively increase their income, decrease their workload . . . and create the lives they wanted and deserved.

Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With REI Blackbook?

A: This is highly unlikely. However, with that said, if you don't find REI Blackbook useful, including the nearly $24,000 worth of tools, resources and training given to you for free today... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. 

We'd hate for you to sign up for an REI Blackbook account and it just sits there empty. So, if you are part of the tiny percentage of real estate investors that don't find REI Blackbook useful, then you can cancel anytime and we won't hold it against you.

Q: Do You Have A Guarantee?

A: We don't have a guarantee... we have THREE! That's right. We are guaranteeing your order 3X so you can know for certainty this is the RIGHT move to make, today!

We guarantee a 30-day 100% refund, which means you can test drive us for a full 30 days risk free, and if you don't like us, then you can simply email me and we'll refund your initial investment, and you can keep the free gifts on me. 😉

We guarantee your success! Once you sign up, you'll have complete support from our team of marketing & funnel building experts who are there to help answer questions you may have.

We also have a rare 365-day guarantee... which says if you do not experience positive business results using ClickFunnels for a full calendar year, then I'll still refund your initial investment.


All You Have To Do Is Say “MAYBE”

And The Bonuses Are All Yours…For FREE!