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Profit Drive - Stuff Your Calendar With Seller Appointments

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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend just a couple of our hours a month on your marketing and completely fill up your calendar with seller appointments?

What would that do for your business if you knew you had all the leads you need to close 5 - 10 deals every month?

You wouldn’t have to sit on webinars every week learning some “new hack” to generate a “flood” of motivated sellers.

And you wouldn’t have to worry about where your next deal or paycheck would be coming from.

Every morning, you’d wake up with fresh seller leads to talk to, and every week you’d be making multiple offers to people who actually need to sell their house.

All these “coaches” online these days like to make marketing sound like some mysterious black magic that you can only learn if you buy their course.

But the reality is… marketing is actually really simple. 

Find a list of people that need to sell their house, put a compelling marketing message in front of them, and do it consistently…

Do this, and your business will have more leads than you know what to do with.

What People Are Saying About The REI BlackBook Workshops:

“The way these guys these teach workshops, they really teach you the building blocks for the more advanced strategies as they’re going through the class. So I never felt like I was behind or like I didn’t understand what they were talking about. It was awesome. I really appreciate it!”

  • Jessica Speuhler - circle-min

    Jessica Spuehler

    Los Angeles, CA

“What it’s all about in this business is giving somebody the recipe for success, and job well done! So much value. You create high expectations, but you always seem to exceed the expectations you create (which is a pretty tall order). Thank you for this workshop and everything that you do.”

  • Rod Yarger - Circle-min

    Rod Yarger

    Dayton, OH

“These workshops are fantastic! I’ve upgraded to the Accelerator plan on REI BlackBook because the intensity of the training that you gave and the amount of information was amazing and it is going to really help improve my businesses processes.”

  • Gina shouse - circle-min

    Gina Shouse

    Cincinnati, OH

By the end of the workshop, you’re going to:

Spend just a couple of our hours a month on your marketing

Stuff your calendar with enough leads to close 5-10 deals per month

Never have to sit through another webinar about lead generation because you'll already know what works

Wake up every morning to a fresh batch of seller leads

About Your Instructor

Damon Headshot1-min

Damon Remy is the Chief Everything Officer of REI BlackBook.

Before launching REI BlackBook, he painfully worked a J.O.B. where he’ll readily admit he was a terrible employee who constantly thought, “I can do this so much better.”

As the brains and heart behind REI BlackBook, his total focus is on doing it better, dreaming it bigger, building for the future, listening to the REI BlackBook community needs, and ensuring the BlackBook team understands the company mission and purpose so their hearts, as well as their minds, are engaged every day.

He’s a self-taught tech enthusiast who got his start in computer technology from the Marine Corps when he was thrown into maintaining their network. He fell in love with technology then and there and broke everything so he could figure out how it worked.

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