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Learn How To Structure And Make Better Offers So You Can Close More Deals


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    Jessica Spuehler

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“What it’s all about in this business is giving somebody the recipe for success, and job well done! So much value. You create high expectations, but you always seem to exceed the expectations you create (which is a pretty tall order). Thank you for this workshop and everything that you do.”

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“These workshops are fantastic! I’ve upgraded to the Accelerator plan on REI BlackBook because the intensity of the training that you gave and the amount of information was amazing and it is going to really help improve my businesses processes.”

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How To Make Better Offers So You Can Close More Deals

We are currently living through one of the most competitive real estate markets of the last 50 years, but that shouldn’t scare you. Savvy investors welcome competition because it gives them the opportunity to shine.

You see, the bar has been set pretty low because 99% of real estate investors do the bare minimum when talking to sellers and making offers.

In this workshop, you’re going to learn how to structure deals like the top 1% of real estate investors, so you can put offers in front of sellers that get accepted 3X - 5X the industry average.

Imagine being able to close 3X - 5X more deals from the same number of leads. This will absolutely change the economics of your business. And it’s not as hard as you think.

There are a few types of deal structures and terms that you need to understand, and a simple tool (The Multi-Offer Generator) that will simplify and accelerate your ability to make highly attractive offers that will still generate massive profits for your business.

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By the End of This Workshop, You Will Have:

A clear understanding and systematic approach to analyzing and structuring deals that are irresistible to your sellers, while generating massive profits for your business.

How to master the Multi-Offer Generator to quickly analyze deals, and generate your offer letters that can be sent to your sellers with the click of a button.

Everything you need to know to go from a one-trick pony to a deal architect that can turn any motivated seller lead into a profitable deal that works.

About Your Instructor

damon - circle

Damon Remy is the Chief Everything Officer of REI BlackBook.

Before launching REI BlackBook, he painfully worked a J.O.B. where he'll readily admit he was a terrible employee who constantly thought, "I can do this so much better."

As the brains and heart behind REI BlackBook, his total focus is on doing it better, dreaming big, building for the future, listening to the REI BlackBook community needs, and ensuring the BlackBook team understands the company mission and purpose so their heart, as well as their minds, are engaged every day.

He's a self-taught tech enthusiast who got his start in computer technology from the Marine Corps when he was thrown into maintaining their network.

He fell in love with technology then and there and broke everything so he could figure out how it worked. An exuberant father to his 4 kids, and one heck of a singer who landed his wife, Jackie, with a karaoke song, Damon believes that helping others succeed is the best way to spend your time.

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