Mastering Lease Options

Mastering Lease Options with John Jackson July 21 and 22, 2021

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    Jessica Spuehler

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“What it’s all about in this business is giving somebody the recipe for success, and job well done! So much value. You create high expectations, but you always seem to exceed the expectations you create (which is a pretty tall order). Thank you for this workshop and everything that you do.”

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Learn the Exact System John Jackson has Used to Complete Over 800 Lease Option Transactions

John Jackson has been referred to as the “King of Lease Options” by other educators, speakers and investors across the country, and has transformed many of the techniques, methods, and structure utilized today with lease options.

By the End of This Workshop, You Will Understand:

Exactly what you need to be successful with lease options

The difference between wholesaling and lease options

How to get more of your lease option offers accepted by sellers

How to do virtual lease options as an out-of-town investor

How to generate a "guru's" income by cultivating a "guru mindset"

Exactly how to structure your lease option contracts

About Your Instructor

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John started his real estate company Leasing to Buy in 2003 and since then, has completed well over 800 lease option transactions himself, not including the countless hundreds and hundreds that his students have completed.

His company Leasing to Buy, has refined the way that lease option transactions are structured and executed, so that over 98% of his buyers obtain permanent financing within 12 months. That is unheard of in the industry, where the industry average is less than 20% of buyers in a lease option ever obtain permanent financing at all!

As an educator, John is the ONLY educator in the US to teach Texas lease options, and the unique laws that Texas has. Real estate attorneys have even referred to John for his education, experience and expertise in this very specific field.

Other nationally recognized educators have learned lease options directly from John, and many also direct their students to John to learn his unique method for executing lease options.

John teaches investors how to make money utilizing lease options using no credit, no money, no risk, and with almost no competition, all while working exclusively on pretty houses in pretty neighborhoods.

John has been featured on NBC, FOX, as well as a number of popular podcasts including:

Joe McCall’s “Real Estate Investing Mastery”
Mitch Steven’s “Real Estate Investor Summit”
Joe Fairless’s “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever”
Connor Steinbrook’s “Investor Army”
Chris Prefontaine’s “Smart Real Estate”
Matt Theriault’s “Epic Real Estate”

In 2018 John co-authored “Real Estate Rock Stars” which hit #1 on Amazon in 3 categories and in April of 2020 will launch the first ever podcast devoted exclusively to the topic of lease options.

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