Automate & Delegate with Confidence

How to improve your sales process and close more deals without creating more work for yourself.

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What People Are Saying About The REI BlackBook Workshops:

“The way these guys these teach workshops, they really teach you the building blocks for the more advanced strategies as they’re going through the class. So I never felt like I was behind or like I didn’t understand what they were talking about. It was awesome. I really appreciate it!”

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    Jessica Spuehler

    Los Angeles, CA

“What it’s all about in this business is giving somebody the recipe for success, and job well done! So much value. You create high expectations, but you always seem to exceed the expectations you create (which is a pretty tall order). Thank you for this workshop and everything that you do.”

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    Rod Yarger

    Dayton, OH

“These workshops are fantastic! I’ve upgraded to the Accelerator plan on REI BlackBook because the intensity of the training that you gave and the amount of information was amazing and it is going to really help improve my businesses processes.”

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    Gina Shouse

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Learn How a 7-Figure Business Handles Lead Management and Acquisition

Many investors struggle in building a lead management and acquisition system that can scale without doubling or tripling their hours worked each week. In this workshop, Andy and Damon will show you exactly how to build a system to automate and pass off part of the workload without losing efficiency or sacrificing sales success.

Andy will be playing real voicemails from his REI BlackBook account to demonstrate how his lead managers handle calls.

He will also team up with Damon Remy to assess your current follow-up and determine how to take it to the next level.

Many of us would like to learn a process to custom override automated follow-up to add a personalized touch--and this will be covered too!

By the End of This Workshop, You Will Understand:

Andy's secret formula for trusting the work he delegates to his acquisition team

How to setup a lead management system that can scale with your business

How to better automate your sales journey

How Andy made $60k on a deal that he managed "hands-off"

How to leverage REI BlackBook to level-up your follow-up

About Your Instructor

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Andrew Werner began his real estate investing career working for his father who was a home builder. After learning the construction side of the business as a young man, he began buying properties at the foreclosure auctions and flipping them. At its peak, his business grew to over $50,000,000 in hard money loans and 1000 properties bought and sold in one year. Real estate has always been his passion, but helping others achieve success in real estate has become his greatest professional joy.

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