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Want to put your follow-up on autopilot so you can focus on closing more deals?

Let REI BlackBook do your follow-up for you... and start closing more deals from your existing leads

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"We locked up 3 deals with these REI BlackBook follow-up campaigns from leads we thought we dead. One of these deals is going to net us a $62,000 assignment fee."

Bryan Martineau | Utah House Buyers

Thousands of real estate investors use REI BlackBook to accelerate their growth

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"I got into real estate to do a bunch of follow-up and manual tasks. I love it!"

- Said no investor... ever.

So REI BlackBook will really do my follow-up for me?

That’s right! We’ve built tools that automatically send highly personalized emails, text messages, and ringless voicemails to re-engage leads that have gone cold. Your seller’s won’t be able to tell it’s not actually you.


Ok... so what will this do for my business?

It’s pretty simple. You’ll be able to focus on your hottest leads and give them the attention they deserve, while every other leads is automatically being followed-up with until they’re ready to talk business.

Long story short... we won’t allow leads to slip through the cracks, so you’ll close extra deals every month from your existing leads.

Sounds amazing. How hard will this be to set up?

Since the campaigns are pre-installed in your REI BlackBook account, you can get set up in just a few simple steps.

We created a series of short videos to walk you through the steps below.

You’ll also get a complementary call with an REI BlackBook success coach to help guide you through this process.

We recommend you book your call immediate after you start your trial so you can get success before ever paying us a dollar.



3 Simple Steps for Turning Your Cold Leads Into Deals


Upload your list of cold seller leads

Simply upload your list of seller leads that have gone dark on you.


Trigger our pre-built follow-up campaign

REI BlackBook will send personalized emails, text messages, and ringless voicemails to your list of leads to re-engage them and spark new conversations.


Field inbound responses and book appointments

As they begin to respond, you'll start having real conversations with sellers who you had gone cold. You'll start closing extra deals every month from your "dead" leads.

How 1 investor used REI BlackBook to turn a list of dead leads into 3 deals worth over $85,000 in profit

Want us to set up these campaigns for you for free?

Ready to close more deals from your existing leads? Sign up for an extended 30-day trial of REI BlackBook and these follow-up campaigns will be pre-installed in your account for free.


Everything you need to grow your real estate investing business

Real Estate Investor CRM

Keep track of your most important leads with the CRM built for real estate investors.

Lead Capture Websites

Get found online by motivated sellers and convert your site visitors into leads.

Business Phone System

Track the source of your best leads and engage your leads with personal 2-way text messaging.

Automated Workflows & Lead Follow-Up

Close 2X-3X more deals from your existing traffic and leads with our pre-built follow-up campaigns.

Property Pipeline

Manage your deals from new leads all the way to the closing table. Keep important documents, contracts, pictures, and more all in one place.

Property Marketing

Publish your deals to your website and use built-in email and text blasts to notify your buyer's and sell your deals faster.

Task & Team Management

Create notifications, and seamlessly assign tasks to team members. Manage your entire team with complete transparency so you can focus on what you do best.

Ready to put your follow-up on autopilot?

Run Your Real Estate Business From Anywhere

Use our powerful Profit Dial Mobile App to run your real estate business from the palm of your hand.

Quickly Access All of Your Contacts On The Go

Inbound and Outbound Calling with Built-In Call Recording

2-Way Texting So You Can Reach Your Contacts From Anywhere

Disposition Each Call and Trigger Workflows Directly From The App

Add New Properties To A Contact and Assign Roles

Investors Change For The Better When They Use REI BlackBook

Wholesalers, landlords, fix-and-flippers, private lenders, landowners, and developers all across the country have made the switch to REI BlackBook to increase production and grow their real estate businesses.

“I knew I had to find something that didn't require a bunch of 3rd party integrations...I'm all in! I don't think there's anything better than real estate and REI BlackBook makes the process a who lot easier”

Matt Theriault - Investor, Trainer, and Podcaster - Epic Real Estate


"REI BlackBook is the system I trust to run my business. My only regret is not using it sooner in my investing career. I hate to think about how much money I left on the table before automating my business with REI BlackBook."

Vena Jones-Cox - Real Estate Investor & Expert Trainer


“REI BlackBook makes me look like a superstar! About 5 hours combined was spent on two wholesale assignments. Two $10,000 checks. You changed the game! Thank you!

Margie Cromwell - Wholesale Investor and Trainer - Cleveland, OH

“We've used REI BlackBook for over 4 years, and since then we've closed over 400 deals. REI BlackBook is the best CRM and marketing platform on the market, and it's the only one we recommend”

David Dodge & Michael Slane - Discount Property Investors


“If you’re done guessing about your business and ready to be a real player in your market you need REI BlackBook on your side. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them!”

Todd Fleming - The Kingdom Real Estate

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"REI BlackBook is the best CRM out there"

Mauricio Hernandez - Real Estate Investor

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to start closing extra deals every month from your existing traffic and leads? For a limited time, get an extended 30-day trial of REI BlackBook today and put our pre-built follow-up campaigns to work immediately.

One Place, Not All Over The Place.

REI BlackBook replaces a ton of other apps, software tools, and subscriptions that you may be using in your business today. See how our all-in-one platform and simple pricing compares to bundling tools with "the other guys".


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