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Systemize your real estate business so you can turn more of your leads into deals and build a business that generates predictable revenue.

  • Ron LeGrand

    "REI BlackBook is the real deal, folks. It's like having a team of top-notch advisors at your beck and call, 24/7. I've been around the block, and I can tell you, this tool is a game-changer for serious investors. With REI BlackBook, my productivity soared.  It's not just about the deals you close; it's about the confidence you gain knowing you've got the best tools in the business backing you up. Every investor needs this secret weapon in their arsenal."

    —Ron LeGrand, Real Estate Investment Mogul and Educator

Thousands of real estate investors use REI BlackBook to accelerate their growth

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Our Proven Track Record, In Their Words.

Why Is REI BlackBook Different

REI BlackBook brings all the essentials together in one seamless experience. No more patchworking software. No more integration headaches. Just one powerful toolkit designed with investors like you in mind.  Here's What You Get...

Instant Authority, Immediate Leads: Turnkey Websites for the Savvy Investor.

Listen up! If you think just a 'nice-looking' website is your ticket to success, think again, amigo. In this dog-eat-dog market, you need an absolute BEAST of a site! A Lead Generating Machine! One that doesn’t just sit there looking pretty but actively attracts converts and closes more deals!

Arm yourself with our no-nonsense SEO tools, and watch the right leads come knockin'. Pair that with our plug-and-play websites, crafted meticulously to transform the mildly interested into your next big deal. And the cherry on top? It all ties in perfectly with our proven lead conversion system.  Yup, follow-up built in.  No need for another complicated subscription.

Simple. Powerful. Game-changing. 



Stay Connected.
Stay Ahead. Contact Managment Simplified.

Consolidate Every Contact – Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, Tenants – All in One Spot!

Our specialized CRM is tailored for Real Estate Investors, ensuring that every contact receives personalized attention. With REI BlackBook, missed opportunities have become a thing of the past.

And here's the clincher: our CRM is not only perfectly integrated with our turnkey websites, but it also meshes seamlessly with our built-in phone system. This synergy ensures contacts are automatically created, tagged, and set into motion with intelligent follow-ups. It's not just smart; it's genius.


Always On, Always Smart: The Phone System Tailored to Power Your Business on the Go!

Step into the future of communication with our revolutionary phone system.

Each call isn't just a conversation; it's an opportunity. Automatically create contacts from every interaction, ensuring no lead ever gets lost. Dive into the depths of every call with recorded calls, helping you refine and master your approach.

And the cherry on top? Streamline your outreach effortlessly. Segment your contacts and initiate intelligent follow-ups directly from your app. It’s not just a phone system; it's your business's secret weapon for unmatched growth and engagement.


Automate to Dominate: Personalized Follow-Ups on Auto-Pilot

Now, with our integrated suite of marketing automation tools, you're not just firing off emails and hoping for the best. Nah, you're launching full-fledged marketing campaigns with the precision of a sniper. Picture this: automated follow-ups, targeted messaging, and perfectly-timed nudges... all working in concert to bring you closer to the close.

This ain't just about saving time. It's about multiplying your efforts, scaling your reach, and ramping up those deals. So, ask yourself: Why work harder when you can work smarter? It's time to turn those potential deals into actual cash. With our automation, you're not playing the game; you're dominating it.

Don't be left in the dust. Automate, elevate, and let the deals roll in!


The Ultimate Real Estate Command Center: Manage Deals with Ease!

Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your deals in one place.  Our platform has you covered from Comparable Sales to intricate Deal Analysis.

Ensure maximum profitability on every deal. Every tool, every insight, right at your fingertips – making real estate deals not just manageable, but effortlessly efficient.  Our property pipeline is like having a virtual filing folder for every deal. Keep important documents, contracts, photos, and more all in one place.

Your command, our center, boundless opportunities!


Sell Smart with Maximum Profits: The Ultimate Property Marketing Engine

Unlock the ultimate power of our Property Marketing Engine, tailored for every real estate strategy. Whether building long-term wealth with rentals or capitalizing on quick flips, we've got your back.

Want attention-grabbing print flyers? A touch of a button has you covered. Need to reach your buyers? Use our polished email templates for instant broadcasts. Amplify your reach with property syndication across hundreds of real estate portals. Engage directly with 2-way texting and showcase each property's unique allure with single-property websites.

From selling to securing tenants swiftly, our system ensures you're always steps ahead in the game.


Empower Your Team!

Managing a team can sometimes feel like trying to nail jelly to a wall. Messy, frustrating, and, frankly, a waste of your precious time. That's precisely where our team and task management tool enters the fray.

You control the permission levels, ensuring every cog in the machine knows its place. No more guessing or gut feelings; monitor the team with clarity and decisiveness. And when it comes to tasks, say goodbye to miscommunication. Assign, schedule, and strategize with ease.


Run Your Business From Anywhere

Use our powerful Profit Dial Mobile App to run your senior transition business from the palm of your hand.

Quickly Access All of Your Contacts On The Go

Inbound and Outbound Calling with Built-In Call Recording

2-Way Texting So You Can Reach Your Contacts From Anywhere

Trigger Automated Follow-Up from The App

Quickly Research and Analyze Property Deals Nationwide

Investors Change For The Better When They Use REI BlackBook

Senior Transition Specialist, Wholesalers, landlords, fix-and-flippers, private lenders, landowners, and developers all across the country have made the switch to REI BlackBook to increase production and grow their real estate businesses.

I knew I had to find something that didn't require a bunch of 3rd party integrations. I'm all in!


Matt Theriault
Epic Real Estate

REI BlackBook automation is always working for me. I love the automated follow-up and getting texts from sellers out of nowhere.


Marcy Martinez
Freedom Heights Investments

I hate to think about how much money I left on the table before automating my business with REI BlackBook.


Vena Jones-Cox
Investor & Expert Trainor

REWBCON Event Only Discount! $19,946 Total Value Get Started NOW for Just $297

  • 30-Days Access to REI BlackBook PRO w/ Conversational AI

    REI BlackBook brings all the essentials together in one seamless experience. No more patchworking software. No more integration headaches. Just one powerful toolkit designed with investors like you in mind.

  • Contact Managment System

    Maintain a laser-focused view of your leads and contacts. Organize, track, and prioritize effortlessly.

  • 10 Lead Generating Websites

    Skyrocket your leads with powerful, conversion-optimized websites tailored for real estate investing.  Yes, even the hosting is included!

  • Profit Dial: Smart Phone System

    Never miss a deal again. Our phone system ensures you stay connected and informed.  (10 Tracking Numbers Included)

  • Deal Pipeline

    Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your deals in one place.  Our platform has you covered from Comparable Sales to intricate Deal Analysis.

  • Marketing Automation Engine

    From emails, text messages, and RVMs to funnels, automate your marketing processes and convert leads into deals.

  • Property Marketing System

    Showcase properties effectively and attract the right audience every time.

Exclusive BONUSES:

  • The 7 Proven Success Systems

    Fast-Track Your Real Estate Wins: 'The 7 Proven Success Systems' are your blueprint to a high-performance business—straight from the playbooks of elite investors!

    1. The Lead Capture Matrix
    2. The Perfect Follow-Up System
    3. The Profit Prediction System
    4. The Perfect Offer System
    5. The Rejection Recovery System
    6. The Contract-to-Close Blueprint
    7. The Rocket Disposition System
  • The Ultimate Lead Generation Bundle

    Skyrocket Your Leads in '24: Snag the Ultimate Lead Gen Super Bundle and Master the Market with Our Top-Tier Real Estate Marketing Masterclasses!

  • Success Coaching Call

    Bonus Boost! Secure your spot for an exclusive Success Coaching Call. Tailored to your unique journey, we ensure you harness the system's full potential, crafting a strategy that elevates your business, regardless of your starting point.

  • 2 All Access Passes to 3-Day Live REI Bootcamp

    REI Bootcamp, St. Louis, April 19-21 - walk out with a real estate investing blueprint that actually works. This is your fast-track ticket to live life by design.

  • 12 month Subscription to NEW REIBlackBook.AI

    Instantly create content like a pro using our NEW AI Engine to craft emails, text messages, blog content and more!

  • Keep the Bonuses

    You can keep your monthly subscription, downgrade to a lower plan, or even CANCEL, and you keep the bonuses!

    We are confident you're going to LOVE REI BlackBook!

Still Have Questions?

We've listed the ones we get most often but please reach out if we missed anything.

REI BlackBook brings all the essentials together in one seamless experience. No more patchworking software. No more integration headaches. Just one powerful toolkit designed with investors like you in mind.

Setting up REI BlackBook varies depending on your individual needs and can range from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

No need to worry as you will be set up with a success coach which can help FastTrack your success.

Absolutely! We have step by step instructions to get your information moved over quickly and our support team is always happy to assist.

NO. We feel that if we have to charge you a set up fee to use our software then we didn’t do a very good job of creating REI BlackBook.

Yes, you are not in any long-term contract.

Absolutely!  We host weekly live training sessions every Wednesday.  Click here to register :).

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