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This alone is worth the investment. Get unlimited access to 41 of our on-demand workshops from industry experts to teach you how to generate leads, structure deals, raise private capital, and much more. New workshops are added every month.


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Find Hidden Deals on The MLS with The Equity Analyzer

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The Equity Analyzer is a tool that will compare recent Active and Sold data and spit out the deals with the highest equity spread and profit potential

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Get 20 call tracking phone numbers so you can better track the source of your leads

Get up to 50,000 contacts so you can manage your entire list of leads, referral partners, and past clients

Get more emails, text, ringless voicemail, and phone credits so you can follow up with more of your leads without paying overages


"The Courses and Workshops Alone Are Worth It"

"I can focus on 1 area of my business and get that systemized and build the entire process out with support."

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"They gave me the blueprint and walked me through setting everything up. It can't get much easier than that!"

Broderick Cain

"You presented a plan for success. I can follow this every step along the way. Follow this, and you'll have success in this business. A ton of value!"

Rod Yarger

Get Immediate Access To Our Latest Workshop: "How to Make Your Next Hire Your Best Hire"

By the End of This On-Demand Workshop, You will Understand:

  • Damon's process for making hires that are a behavior & value match

  • How to determine your biggest need so you can make the right hire the first time around

  • How to write a job description and place the ad that speaks to and attracts your ideal candidate

  • How to interview and vet candidates so you can avoid costly mistakes

  • The importance of Business Systems so you have proven processes to plug new employees into from day one

  • An effective onboarding plan so your employees can get up to speed FAST

...Plus Access 40 More Workshops

Marketing & Sales Systems


The Perfect Follow-Up System

Learn how to build an automated follow-up machine that converts 3X more of your existing traffic and leads into more sales appointments and deals.


The Perfect Offer System

The Perfect Offer System helps you systemize and streamline your processes around structuring, analyzing, and presenting offers that sellers can't refuse.


The Rejection Recovery System

Get access to the exact system that helped 1 investor close an extra 37 deals in 1 year from sellers who initially told him "no".



This is Damon Remy's flagship workshop. Don't try to build your perfect business without taking this course first.

Automate and Delegate with Confidence_Thumbnail

Automate & Delegate with Confidence

Learn from the best how to manage a steady stream of deals "hands off".


The Business Growth Masterclass

How to go from a stressed out, overworked, self-employed investor to the owner of a thriving, highly profitable business that works with or without you.


The Multi-Offer Generator

Learn how to structure and make better offers so more of them are accepted.


Property Marketing & Disposition

During this workshop, you're going to learn how to build a property marketing system so you can sell your deals faster for a higher profit margin.



This is Damon Remy's flagship workshop. Don't try to build your perfect business without taking this course first.


Unlock The Full Power of
REI BlackBook

Want to get the most out of your REI BlackBook account? Discover the top 21 features you should be using but probably aren't.


The Automated Follow Up Machine

Build proven lead capture and follow up campaigns in your REI BlackBook account so you can convert more of your leads into deals.

Motivated Seller Lead Generation


Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is still one of the most reliable marketing strategies for investors. Learn how to build a profitable direct mail campaign that predictably produces leads and deals.


Google Ads for Motivated Sellers

Follow Dan "click-by-click" as he takes you through his proven process for building highly profitable Google Ad campaigns.


SEO for Motivated Seller Leads

Learn how to generate a steady stream of hot leads from Google and other search engines. Get access to Dan's proven formula for ranking #1 in search.


Facebook Ads for Motivated Sellers

Use our proven Facebook Ad Formula to build highly profitable motivated seller campaigns. All the scripts and ad copy you need are included.


Ringless Voicemail

Join Drew and Recia Davis as they teach you how to find a list and build a ringless voicemail campaign to reach out to motivated sellers in your market.


Build A Driving For Dollars Team

Learn how to scale your driving for dollars operation while building a custom list of distressed properties in your market.


Bandit Signs on Wheels

Learn how Ruben recruited 400+ drivers to advertise his business on the back of their vehicle. Get everything you need to grow your business with Ruben's proven lead generation strategy.


Build A Team of Property Finders

During this workshop, you will learn how to use the Property Finder Portal to recruit, motivate, and manage a team of property finders.


Acquisition Mastery

Join Jerry Green and learn the secrets to his acquisition process, refined over decades.

Real Estate Investing Strategies


Build A Highly Profitable Wholesale Business

Discover the proven system that will turn your struggling wholesale business into one that predictably and profitably closes 2 -3 deals every month.


Find and Close Your Next Probate Deal

Follow along as Rachel Schneider teaches you everything you need to locate, negotiate, and close your next probate deal.


Build A Cash Flowing Short Term Rental Portfolio

Learn how to run a profitable short term rental business that drives 2 - 3 times rent revenue and allows you to accelerate your equity.


Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure

Learn how to locate, negotiate, and close on your first short sale and pre-foreclosure deal. Gain access to Jason and Rachel's playbook that they have developed of 10 years in the business.


Find and Flip Mobile Homes for Big Profits

Tap into one of the best-kept secrets in real estate investing. Join Jesse Thornock and he teaches you how to find and flip mobile homes for big profits.


How To Build A Cash Flowing Rental Portfolio

Join Mark as he takes you through his VIP Method for building a cash flowing rental portfolio that allows you to live life according to your vision.


Creative Acquisition and Deal Structuring

Learn how to creatively structure subject-to and lease-option deals so you can convert more of your leads and offers into deals.


Private Funding and Raising Capital

During this workshop you will learn how to think like a lender, so you can better package your deals and raise capital from investors with ease.

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Manage Your Rental Portfolio with REI BlackBook

Learn how to manage your rental portfolio, tenants, and property marketing with REI BlackBook.


Turn Your Trash Leads into Deals with Link Options

Join Kieth and Shannon French as they teach you their niche investing strategy that will help you turn your trash leads into deals.


Turn Your Trash Leads into Deals with Link Options

Join Kieth and Shannon French as they teach you their niche investing strategy that will help you turn your trash leads into deals.


BRRRR Method Mastery

David Dodge teaches how to Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat like a pro.


Rehabbing from a Position of Power

Learn to find properties systematically, borrow with confidence, and more rehabbing wisdom from Don Costa.