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Damon Remy | March 15th @10am CST

Monthly Workshop Ended

About This Workshop

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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend just a couple of our hours a month on your marketing and completely fill up your calendar with seller appointments?

What would that do for your business if you knew you had all the leads you need to close 5 - 10 deals every month?

You wouldn’t have to sit on webinars every week learning some “new hack” to generate a “flood” of motivated sellers.

And you wouldn’t have to worry about where your next deal or paycheck would be coming from.

Every morning, you’d wake up with fresh seller leads to talk to, and every week you’d be making multiple offers to people who actually need to sell their house.

All these “coaches” online these days like to make marketing sound like some mysterious black magic that you can only learn if you buy their course.

But the reality is… marketing is actually really simple. 

Find a list of people that need to sell their house, put a compelling marketing message in front of them, and do it consistently…

Do this, and your business will have more leads than you know what to do with.

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