The FastTrack Mastermind

Join A Tribe of Real Estate Investors Who Are Building Profitable Businesses While Living Life On Their Own Terms

"I feel like I'm a much better business owner than I was prior to joining"

Jeff Coffman

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Here's What You Get


Value | $66,485

Three, 3 Closed Door Mastermind Sessions (Per Year)

  • Transform Your Vision into Reality:
    Embark on a journey of unparalleled
    growth with our exclusive 3-day
    mastermind sessions, each a stepping
    stone to realizing your personal and
    business aspirations. These gatherings
    are your catalyst for clarity, driving you
    to pinpoint and pursue your true goals
    with unwavering focus

  • Accountability That Accelerates Success:
    Imagine a circle of equally ambitious peers who
    not only understand your vision but hold you to it.
    What starts as a group of advisors evolves into a
    close-knit circle of confidants deeply invested in
    both your professional success and personal

  • A Blueprint for Balanced Success: Discover the
    art of building a thriving business that fuels, rather
    than drains, your personal life. Through the collective
    wisdom of the group, find strategies to enjoy the
    journey as much as the destination.

  • Clarity, Community, Contentment: Join us to
    not only gain crystal-clear clarity on your business
    vision but to foster meaningful connections that
    transcend professional networking. Here, success
    is measured not just by your business's growth but
    by your personal happiness and sense of balance.

$19,997 Value

Exclusive Coaching Fusion
(Group & 1-on-1)

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls: Feeling
    stuck? Schedule a private call
    with Damon to get actionable
    advice from a seasoned entrepreneur
    with 20+ years of experience.
    Lean on Damon's years of marketing
    and lead generation knowledge to
    explode your growth.

  • Get connected to every resource or connection Damon
    has available to move your REI business forward.

  • Stay Laser-Focused with Monthly Momentum Calls:
    Keep your ambitions clear and your actions aligned with
    monthly calls. These sessions are your monthly checkpoint,
    reinvigorating your focus and keeping you on the fast track
    to your goals, surrounded by a community that's rooting for
    your success.

$9,997 Value

VSP Implementation

  • Vision, Systems, People. It's the
    core of FastTrack Mastermind and
    your ticket to a business that doesn't
    just succeed-it thrives, supporting the
    life you crave. It's simple: clarify your
    vision, streamline your systems, and
    unite your people.

  • Vision Clarity: Discover your
    why your business exists".
    Crystal-clear focus to power
    your business's purpose.

  • Systems for Success: Install
    core systems. Watch your
    business effortlessly ascend.

  • People Power: Build your
    dream team. Systems run the
    business, but People run the systems!!!

$23,997 Value

FastTrack Power Day
at REI BlackBook

  • Ignite your business with
    a personalized deep dive at
    REI BlackBook HQ. Here's what
    Power Day delivers:

  • Unlock Your True Potential:
    Dive deep in a one-on-one
    vision extraction session with
    Damon. Together, you'll unveil
    the core of what drives you,
    transforming your deepest
    aspirations into a crystal-clear
    roadmap for success. This is
    where your dreams get their wings.

  • Experience Tailored Success:
    Benefit from a hands-on
    implementation session where
    the REI BlackBook team
    crafts and fine-tunes your
    REI BlackBook account right
    alongside you. This personalized
    guidance ensures your setup is
    not just operational but optimized
    for your unique business needs.
    t's hands-on customization for seamless,
    impactful execution.

$12,494 Value



Value | $9,994

Instant Authority Builder: Become A Published Author

  • Separate yourself and your business from the pack with the instant
    credibility gained from being an author.

  • We remove every obstacle between you and becoming a published
    author. This is a pain-free, “Done For You” process that makes being
    published a reality.

$4,997 Value

Free FastTrack Access To REI Bootcamp

  • 3-Day FastTrack Access for you and the guest of your choice.

  • VIP seats at the event and access to the VIP cocktail party + any bonus session or workshops.

  • Complementary recordings of REI Bootcamp training sessions.

$4,997 Value





  • Three, 3-Day, Closed-Door meetings with high-earning REI and marketing pros.

  • Fast Track Power Day: Transformational, on-site experience as Damon helps you clarify your vision

  • Implementation of the Vision Systems People Framework

  • Complimentary FastTrack Access to REI Bootcamp events

  • A "Done For You" book giving you instant credibility as a real estate investor

  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Plus 24/7 Support via Private Facebook Group)

  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching calls with Damon (On-Demand)



Private FastTrack Facebook Community

You will always be connected to the Private FastTrack Facebook group. So that means anytime that you need help, tap into the power of the group because we are all here to help! You will get direct 24/7 access to expert real estate investors and marketers that can solve problems, give you honest feedback or just encourage you to move forward.

Transform Your Business

The Vision Systems People framework is a proven method for achieving rapid growth and success. In just two days, you'll gain clarity on your business vision, learn how to implement the right systems to support your vision and discover the key people you need to execute your plan. Join us for this transformative experience and take your business to the next level!

Here's What FastTrack Members Have To Say

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Apply Now If...

  • You are committed to growth and willing to give and receive guidance from other successful entrepreneurs.

  • You have a positive mental attitude and know it takes dedication to accomplish goals.

  • You’re willing to be open and accountable to the group so we can get you where you want to be.

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