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Build a Predictable System for Generating Motivated Sellers With Facebook Ads

In this month's Accelerator, you will learn how to build a profitable Facebook Ads campaign designed to generate a steady flow of motivated seller leads, while building your brand authority in your local market.

Sept. 18th - 19th, 2019 | St. Louis, MO or  Livestream

Introducing REI Accelerator

Facebook Ads

Sept. 18th & 19th

Attend Live Online or In-Person at REI BlackBook Headquarters



Our Next Accelerator

Hands-on, live workshops and on-demand trainings to help you build a predictable system for generating leads and growing your business.


Access to REI BlackBook staff and fellow Accelerator students to get your questions answered via the private Facebook Group.


REI Accelerator Checklist & Diagnostic Tools to ensure your project is ready to push come LAUNCH Day!

Interactive implementation period and monthly Office Hours Accountability call to tie up loose ends. 



Here's What You Get

GETTING STARTED: Ensure your Facebook Page and Ad Account is properly structured, and ready for leads.

Our top-performing ad templates that you can swipe and deploy in your business so you can start generating leads right away!

How to structure profitable Facebook Ad campaigns that generate motivated seller leads on-demand.

How to reach your existing direct mail list on Facebook with highly targeted ads.

How to generate at least 1 seller lead per day on a shoestring you have new seller leads to call every single day.

How to spot underperforming campaigns and what to do when your ads stop producing leads

Our simple formula for producing engaging video ads that build trust, amplify your brand, and turn cold leads into hot deals.

OFFICE HOURS: Get back together a week after the workshop to get your questions answered before launching your first campaign

Meet Your Instructor

Josh Arras

Director of Marketing

REI BlackBook

Josh Arras has spent the last 5 years helping real estate investors build proven systems to predictably and profitably grow their business. 

He specializes in lead generation and marketing automation, which is a fancy term for building marketing systems that produce leads and follow up on autopilot.

Join Josh as he shares what's working right now for finding motivated seller leads online using highly targetted Facebook Ads.

What Can the REI Accelerator Do For You?

The REI Accelerator Process

Every month we will be hosting a new REI Accelerator Implementation Cycle with hyper focused topics including lead generation, financing strategies, marketing automation, and much more. Each Implementation Cycle will culminate with you launching your campaign, and sharing your results in our private, members-only group.


Live REI Accelerator Workshop (Day 1 - 2)

Every Implementation Cycle kicks off with a live 2-day workshop that can be attended in office, or virtually via Livestream. This workshop is designed to give you the necessary knowledge and resources so you can launch your campaign at the end of the Implementation Cycle. 

Build Your Campaign (Day 3 - 7)

During the "Build" phase, you will get to work building out your campaign alongside your fellow Accelerator classmates who are working on the same project. This will give you the chance to share your work, and gain valuable insights that will help you during the implementation process before the upcoming "Office Hours" call.

Optimize Your Campaign (Day 8)

At this point, you've had an entire week to get your project ready to launch. The last step before we hit "GO" is to hop on an Office Hours Call with your instructor. You will get your final questions answered, and your work will be graded using our simple to use internal grading tool. Make your final adjustments, and get ready to LAUNCH!

Launch Day! (Day 10)

This is where all of your hard work pays off. Today is Launch Day! The day that your project MUST go live! So send that first Ringless Voicemail, drop your first mailer, flip the switch on your Google Ads, and then give yourself a much-deserved round of applause. But just know, the work has just begun.




Think back to the last event you attended...

You get pumped up, inspired, and you leave feeling like you can conquer the world.

But then you get home, and you get swept up in the whirlwind of life, and you never implement what you learned.

This is the fundamental problem with traditional events and one we seek to solve.

When you "leave" the live REI Accelerator workshop, your work has just begun.

You will immediately enter into a "5-Day Sprint" to implement what you learned.

All the while, you have the support and accountability of your fellow Accelerator classmates, and the REI BlackBook staff to keep you on track.

Following your 5-day implementation sprint, we will regather for an Office Hours Call to get your questions answered, and score your campaign using our internal diagnostics tools.

Once that call is complete, you have 24 hours to tie up any loose ends, and on the final day of the Implementation Cycle, you MUST launch your campaign.

This is different from any event you have ever attended.

You have built-in accountability. 

IMPORTANT: If you're not ready to take action, then the REI Accelerator is not for you.

So go ahead, get registered, strap in, and get ready to launch your marketing campaign alongside other investors across the country who are ready to grow their businesses.

What Makes REI Accelerator Different From Any Event You've Attended?

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Direct Mail

Time tested and low-tech. Direct mail is still the king of seller lead generation.

Bandit Signs on Wheels

Get your phone ringing off the hook by advertising on other people's cars.

Google Ads

Get high-quality leads in a hurry with Google Ads

Ringless Voicemail

Get leads fast by sending thousands of voicemails to a list without ringing their phone.

Access to our Library of past Accelerator workshops. Watch yourself or give your team access to launch your next campaign with confidence.

Mastermind with the REI BlackBook Team and fellow investors in our private members-only Facebook group.

Here's What You Get:

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Workshops are followed by an Accelerator Office Hours Call to get your questions answered from your instructor before hitting the "LAUNCH" Button

Monthly Live 2 Day Workshops designed to help you build a predictable selling machine for your real estate business.

REI Accelerator

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I join REI Accelerator, will I get access past REI Accelerators On-Demand?

Yes! When you join REI Accelerator, you will have access to every past Accelerator on-demand. You will also get access to every LIVE Accelerator moving forward. You can attend those either live in person, or via Livestream from anywhere in the world.

How will I access REI Accelerator?

Each Accelerator is available inside of your REI BlackBook Account. You can attend future Accelerators live in person, or online via Livestream.

Who is REI Accelerator for?

Any real estate investor looking to generate a predictable flow of seller leads to fuel their business. REI Accelerator is designed to help both newbie and experienced investors build a profitable marketing machine.

Can my team access these trainings?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact, we encourage it! You can have your team log in to your account, or give them access to their own user account.

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Sept. 18th - 19th, 2019 | St. Louis, MO or LIVE STREAM

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