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Congratulations And Welcome To The Fix Your Follow Up & Do More Deals Workshop

We're so excited to see you for the Fix Your Follow-up and Do More Deals Workshop!

During this live virtual workshop, you are going to be building your follow-up campaigns so you can start closing more deals from the leads you’re already generating.

This is going to allow you to recapture the lost profits that have been slipping through the cracks of your business.

The workshop will start at 9 am CST and will end around 5 pm CST, Saturday, August 1, 2020 via Zoom!

Save this link and make sure you sign on a few minutes early in case you need to download or update any software!

I can’t wait to kick off this workshop with you!


The Schedule

The Workshop is on August 1st and starts at 9:00 am. The sessions will be recorded and will be made available for VIP attendees.

Introduction To Proven Follow Up Frameworks

You will learn how the top real estate investors approach their follow up system. This is the secret to closing twice as many deals from your existing marketing budget.

Building Your Automated Follow Up Machine

Build your 3 most critical follow-up campaigns. Don’t worry, I will show you click-by-click how to do this and provide you with all of the email templates, text messages, and RVM scripts you need.

Implementing Your Call Tracking System

You will build a call tracking system so you know where your best leads are coming from, and ensure every new inbound call is converted to a new lead in your CRM.

Create Your Lead Capture Website

Discover how to create a high converting seller website so you can capture more of your site visitors into leads so you can ensure every new lead is properly followed up with in the first 5 minutes (no matter how busy you are).

Lead Management

This is where it all starts to come together. During this session, we will zoom back out to show you how leads flow through your new system so you can effectively manage, nurture, and convert more seller leads into deals.