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Need Help Closing More Deals?

Learn How REI BlackBook Will Help You...

Close more deals from the leads you're already generating

Build follow up campaigns that turn your deal leads into deals

Track your marketing so you know which campaigns are producing the best leads and deals

Market your properties so you can sell them faster, for higher profits, with less effort

Build a predictable system for capturing, nurturing, and converting new leads into deals


REI BlackBook has been a real game-changer for me and my business. It has completely eliminated numerous other software that I was using and now I only need this.

Andy Werner


My whole business is able to be run out of REI BlackBook. As well as I’m able to capture leads, and get a hold of them before any of my competition, and that’s why I chose REI BlackBook.”

Eli Goodman


REI BlackBook automates follow up for me, so I don’t forget, and I’m getting deals months down the road. It’s a huge tool!

Jay Carr

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