Domain For Real Estate Investor Website

We register a LOT of domains for real estate investors here at REI BlackBook and one question we are often asked is…

“How do I choose the right domain for my website?”

The short answer is that you want to select a domain name that instantly communicates what you do to prospective sellers and buyers.

The long answer is…

(NOTE:  We have created a worksheet that you can use to create your domain name.  You can access it at the end of this article.)

7 Tips to Choosing a Domain For Your Real Estate Investor Website

1. Make it easy to type – Steer clear of words that are difficult to spell or don’t follow the typical rules of the English language.  (Why in the heck is the word ‘ancient‘ spelled that way?  My 6th-grade teacher always said, “I before E, except after C.”  🙁

2. Make it as short as possible – A good rule of thumb is to keep your domain name three words or less.  (Apparently, a guy registered this domain name: and then tried to get a Guinness world record out of it.  The Guinness people were not impressed:

Guinness World Record Email - Longest Domain Name

3. Make it local – Unless you are buying and selling real estate nationally (or internationally!), your domain should contain some indication of the market in which you are buying and selling.

4.  Avoid hyphens – Ever seen a domain name like this?:  It looks spammy and amateurish.  Don’t be that guy (or gal.) 🙂

5.  Register the .com – And forget the rest — for now.  When your real estate business is rolling you can go register the .net, .org, and .ninja if you want. (Yep, .ninja is a domain extension and it’s awesome.)

6.  Use keywords – There is some search engine optimization (SEO) benefit to having keywords in your domain — although not as much as there used to.  The better reason to use keywords like real estate, property, home, investor, etc. in your domain name is so prospective sellers and buyers will understand exactly what you do.

7. Act fast – Domain names are just like the real estate you are investing in.  Once they are bought — they are bought.  When you find the domain name you want, buy it.  Click here to see exactly how to register your domain in REI BlackBook.

[Worksheet] A Simple 3-Step Process for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Alright, now that you know the 7 tips to keep in mind while choosing your domain name, let’s get busy building some domain names.

To do that, you’ll want to download this worksheet:

(NOTE: This worksheet is part of our JumpStart training series for REI BlackBook customers.  If you are an REI BlackBook customer, click here to get registered for the next JumpStart training.

(NOTE: You can save the worksheet to your computer and type right into it or print it and write on it with a pen or pencil. Does anyone use pencils anymore?)

Worksheet for Choosing a Real Estate Investor Domain Name

To use the worksheet, you’ll follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Fill out your STATE, STATE abbreviated, CITY, CITY abbreviated, and LAST NAME in the PREFIX column.

Step 2 – Write combinations of the PREFIX + ROOT + SUFFIX in the spaces provided to create a variety of possible domain names for your REI business.  For example, STL (my city abbreviated) + PROPERTY + SOLUTIONS would give me as a possible domain name for my business.

Step 3 – Check your domain names for availability inside of REI BlackBook. Click here to see exactly how to register your domain in REI BlackBook.

That’s it!  I challenge you to take bold and courageous action RIGHT NOW.  Register your domain name in REI BlackBook and start the process of getting your business online.