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Posts by Kelsey Beckering

Landing Page vs. Website: How Are They Different?

As a business owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and effort working on your website for your business. You’ve envisioned what you wanted it to look like, then took those visions and implemented them to create a great first impression for people who visit your website. From the homepage to the contact us…

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5 Ways to Effectively Use Testimonials To Increase Conversions

Once you get powerful testimonials from satisfied clients, it’s time to put them to work. Customer testimonials will help build your credibility and legitimacy online when people visit your website for the first time. They will also serve as social proof that you have helped people in a similar situation and they were satisfied with…

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So You Went to REI Bootcamp 16…Now What?

REI Bootcamp 16 has come and gone, and this was by far the best Bootcamp to date!  If you attended REI Bootcamp 16 then you know all 3 days were jam packed with incredible content provided by some of the top investors across the country.  Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out what…

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Counting Down The 10 Biggest Updates to REI BlackBook in 2019

As of today, we are just over three-fourths of the way through the year, and 2019 has been a huge year for REI BlackBook! This year we have focused a ton of our time and resources on improving the product based on the feedback of you, our users. You’ll see updates in multiple places inside…

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The Top 6 Best Practices To Succeed With Text Message Marketing

Do Not Send Another Text Message Until You Read This Post. In today’s world, technology is constantly updating and changing to evolve to meet the needs of consumers. Specifically, mobile technology has evolved rapidly over the years, and cell phone usage has increased drastically. According to an article published on, 96% of Americans own…

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New Feature Announcement: REI BlackBook and Facebook Lead Ads

Today we’re releasing a huge feature and integration with Facebook Lead Ads to help you generate motivated seller leads online. In today’s ever-growing competitive real estate market, it’s becoming more and more important to reach your prospects where they are (Hint: They’re almost all online). And Facebook is becoming one of the most popular marketing…

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