How To Lower Your Cost Per Deal With A Call Tracking System

As a real estate investor it’s crucial to know where your leads are coming from. Meaning you need to know which marketing source is producing the best leads for you. Knowing this data will save you not only time, but money as well. You will be able to focus your energy on the marketing strategy…

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Set Up Facebook Video View Ads With This Step-By-Step Guide

We’ve said it before, but in case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook is becoming a popular marketing channel among real estate investors.  Investors are using Facebook ads to generate a steady stream of motivated seller leads each and every month.  There are different types of Facebook ads you can run, and in a recent post…

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Create A Graphic For Facebook Ads With This Canva Tutorial Video

Are you a real estate investor wondering how to create digital real estate marketing content for your real estate investing business?   If you’re looking for real estate marketing ideas, real estate facebook advertising tips, real estate design tools or Canva real estate templates, we’ve got you covered.   In this post, we’re  going to show you…

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Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads For Real Estate Investors

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Have you been considering using Facebook to find motivated seller leads for your real estate investing business, but you’re not sure how Facebook Ads for real estate investors work?  In today’s ever-growing competitive real estate market, it’s becoming more and more important to reach your prospects where they are (Hint: They’re almost all online). Facebook…

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Real Estate Bird Dog: Scale Your Business With Property Finders

Are you struggling to grow your off-market list?  Want to learn how you can do more deals in less time with property finders (real estate bird dogs)? Property Finders (also known as real estate bird dogs) are a great way to find off market properties for your real estate investing business.  Finding off market deals…

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Use A Call Answering Service And Never Miss A Motivated Seller Call

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As a real estate investor, have you thought about how you can leverage a call answering service in your business?  There are several benefits to implementing this type of service in your business, but the greatest benefit is ensuring you never miss another motivated seller call.  Most call answering services will operate outside of your…

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3 Ways To Use Text Message Marketing For Real Estate Investors

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Since publishing this article, we have released our Ultimate Guide to TCPA Compliance and A2P 10DLC Regulations. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the changing laws surrounding cold calling and text message marketing and how to protect your business from expensive mistakes. Read the article here. In today’s world, technology…

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