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REI BlackBook helps you capture and convert more seller leads so you can close more deals with less headaches and tech overwhelm.
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Get 14 days access to REI BlackBook and Jerry Green's "Acquisition Mastery" Workshop

By the End of This On-Demand Workshop, You will:

  • Stop wasting time by defining a process to quickly and effectively analyze properties and determine whether or not they fit your criteria

  • Be able to sleep at night by understanding how to "borrow for success"

  • Be able to confidently hire the right contractors to get your job done efficiently so you can collect the profits

PLUS 2 of Our Most Popular Workshops


The Perfect Follow-Up System

($997 Value)

In this on-demand workshop you will gain access to:

  • Scripts And Templates

    Access all of our proven email, text message, and ringless voicemail scripts and templates so you know exactly what to say and when to say it when following up with your seller leads

  • Pre-Built Campaigns

    Install all of the automated email, text message, and ringless voicemail campaigns in your account with the click of a button

  • On-Demand Workshop

    Learn the proven follow-up system that will help you close 3X more deals from the traffic and leads you're already getting.

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The Rejection Recovery System

($997 Value)

In this on-demand workshop you will gain access to:

  • Scripts And Templates

    Get access to all of the exact email templates and campaign process maps that Darren Buttram used to close an extra 37 deals in just 1 year

  • Pre-Built Campaigns

    No need to build your campaigns from scratch. Install the exact campaigns Darren uses in his business so you can convert more of your offers into deals

  • On-Demand Workshop

    Learn how 1 investor closed an extra 37 deals in 1 year from leads who initially to him "no".

Tools designed to help investors like you close more deals

Get found online and convert more of your website visitors into leads

High converting website templates ready to capture leads right out of the box. No coding or messy integrations needed. Capture leads and notify your team to increase response and conversion rates.

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Keep track of your most important leads with the CRM built for investors

Are you sending your leads into a leaky sales bucket? Our CRM is built to work with your front-end marketing and sales tools so no lead will ever slip through the cracks ever again. Convert more of your leads into deals with REI BlackBook.

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Track the source of your best inbound phone calls with Profit Dial

Profit Dial is the business phone system built for real estate investors. Set up multiple call tracking numbers, automatically record calls, and unlock the source of your biggest opportunities.

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Convert more of your pipeline into deals with our automated follow-up campaigns

Close 2x more deals from the leads you're already generating. Most of the deals you're going to close will come from leads you generated 3-6 months ago. If you don't follow-up, you're missing out on 60% of your potential deals.

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Manage your real estate deals from new lead all the way to the closing table

Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your deals in one place. Our property pipeline is like having a virtual filing folder for every deal. Keep important documents, contracts, photos, and more all in one place. Acces your deals from any computer or device, anywhere.

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Sell your deals (or fill your vacancies) faster, for higher profits, with less effort

Use our suite of property marketing tools to build demand for your deals. With built-in property marketing website templates, one-click property publishing, single property websites, and 2-way texting, you'll have everything you need to build demand for your inventory and sell your deals with less effort.

Run Your Real Estate Business From Anywhere

Use our powerful Profit Dial Mobile App to run your real estate business from the palm of your hand.

Quickly Access All of Your Contacts On The Go

Inbound and Outbound Calling with Built-In Call Recording

2-Way Texting So You Can Reach Your Contacts From Anywhere

Disposition Each Call and Trigger Workflows Directly From The App

Add New Properties To A Contact and Assign Roles

Investors Change For The Better When They Use REI BlackBook

Wholesalers, landlords, fix-and-flippers, private lenders, landowners, and developers all across the country have made the switch to REI BlackBook to increase production and grow their real estate businesses.

I knew I had to find something that didn't require a bunch of 3rd party integrations. I'm all in!


Matt Theriault
Epic Real Estate

REI BlackBook automation is always working for me. I love the automated follow-up and getting texts from sellers out of nowhere.


Marcy Martinez
Freedom Heights Investments

I hate to think about how much money I left on the table before automating my business with REI BlackBook.


Vena Jones-Cox
Investor & Expert Trainor

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  • The Perfect Follow-Up System

    Learn the proven follow-up system that will help you close 3X more deals from the traffic and leads you're already getting. Get access to pre-built campaigns including templates and scripts.

  • The Rejection Recovery System

    Get access to the exact email templates, scripts, and campaigns 1 investor used to close an extra 37 deals in 1 year from sellers who told him "no".

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