The Power Of Bird Dogs



In this session we take a closer look at the Power of Bird Dogs for real estate investors and how to use the powerful new Bird Dog tools inside the REI BlackBook system. Watch as Damon explains how to activate an army of property finders that work for you on a daily basis, bringing you more leads than you could ever collect on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions from this Training:


Q. Can I send you a message?

A. Yes, click on the envelope icon next to your name to send us a new message. This is one of the ways we’re able to communicate.   Q. What is my username? A. Your username is the email address you used to sign up for the account.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. Go to My Account and under the Profile tab you can change your address and any of your contact information.


Q. How do I get paid?

A. You will receive cash, check, or money order after we execute the close on the property.

Q. How long does it take to close on a house?

A. Property purchases can move very quickly, or they can drag on for months, which is why it’s important to keep the pipeline full and continue to submit as many properties as you can find.


Q. What kind of houses should I submit?

A. You’ll find our specific property criteria meaning the type, size, and property location [where?]. Some sources where you can find the properties we’re looking for are listed below.

  • Estate Sales – This could mean the property owner has passed, and many beneficiaries don’t want to or can’t keep the house they’ve inherited.
  • Divorces – When a couple splits, they’ll often sell the house they shared.
  • Absentee Owners – Owning a house from afar can be a headache, they might rather take the money and invest closer to home.
  • Pre-Foreclosures – They’re behind in payments and selling could be their only option.
  • No/Low Equity – This often requires a creative solution because they can’t sell to conventional buyers.
  • Relocating – If they’ve been relocated for a job, they’ll need to sell the house and often fast.
  • Fire Damaged – Sometimes the owner won’t have the funds to rehab their property and fire damage is a huge turn off for conventional buyers.
  • Too Many Liens – They might not have the resources to pay the liens and gain clear title. Without clear title, they cannot sell to a conventional buyer.
  • Vacant houses – Vacant houses are a burden on the owner.
  • Bad Tenants – Being a landlord can be a pain, sometimes they just want out.

Q. How do I submit Properties?

A. Click Add New Property to enter the address and some additional optional information. Click on Details to see the Lead Sheet, here you will add more info about the property, the contacts associated with the property, and upload your property pictures and documents! When you’re finished, be sure to click the orange submit button.

Q. What happens after the property is submitted?

A. You’ll be able to track the deal from start to finish! Your properties and their status is located in your property dashboard. There you’ll be able to add more information about the property, such as documents, pictures, and notes, at any time. If you find something out about the property that makes it an even sweeter deal and easier for us to purchase, you’re going to want to add it to the property details.   We’ll be communicating with you through the property portal so be sure to check your messages. That’s where we’ll update you on the status of the property, our thoughts about the submission (this is how you’ll learn what makes a great deal) and if the property needs to be revised and resubmitted.

Q. What kind of properties should I NOT submit?

A. We do not want listed properties; these will have Realtor signs in the yard. Do not submit bank owned properties. They will either be on the MLS or not listed at all. Refer to our property criteria to ensure the best results.

Q. Can I submit properties with my phone?

A. Yes! You can submit properties and even pictures directly from your smartphone!

Marketing For Motivated Sellers

Q. How do I find motivated sellers?

A. There are several ways you can go about searching for motivated sellers. Depending on your personality and time commitment, you’ll gravitate towards some more than others. That’s totally fine! There’s no one way to do this. You can do offline marketing such as: flyers, business cards, newspaper scanning, driving for dollars, and AMP (Auto Message Pro phone number).   You may also do online marketing such as: Internet Scanning –,, and, Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more! Wherever there are people, there is an opportunity to find a deal.